Sonata in C Minor Viola and Piano Henle Music Folios Softcover

Sonata in C Minor Viola and Piano Henle Music Folios Softcover

Mendelssohn's viola sonata is an early work which remained unpublished in his lifetime. The autograph is dated “d. 14 Febr. 1824.” Thus Mendelssohn was 15 years old when he completed the sonata. It assuredly numbers amongst his most mature early chamber music works. The key already indicates the seriousness with which the composer set to work. The first movement is preceded by a short adagio introduction. The middle movement, a menuetto, retains the key of c minor and not even the trio with its chorale-like melody lightens the minor mood. The closing movement is an andante with eight variations. This Urtext edition is a welcome addition to the scant classical-romantic viola repertoire.

“...just on par with the historically high-class print quality, the Mendelssohn Sonata in C minor for viola and piano found between these particular pages is exactly what you'd expect it to be: superb in every sense...With so few pieces of preeminent repertoire for this alto instrument, Mendelssohn delivers an opportunity for violists to perform and explore music that's deep, lyrical, challenging, and hauntingly beautiful.” –Strings magazine


  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Viola

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