String Quartets Op. 59, 74, 95 Study Score Henle Study Scores Softcover

String Quartets Op. 59, 74, 95 Study Score Henle Study Scores Softcover

  • Henle Study Scores
  • G. Henle Verlag
  • Softcover
  • Study Score
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Paul Mies
  • $43.95 (US)

The five string quartets in this volume are generally designated as Beethoven's “middle quartets”, even though stylistically they do not all build a closed unit. More than three years lie between the inception of the three quartets op. 59 (1806) and the quartet op. 74 (1809/10). In the quartets op. 59, Beethoven sprinkled several Russian folksong themes – an homage to Prince Razumovsky, who had commissioned the works. This is why the pieces are often called the “Russian Quartets”. The next quartet, op. 74 in E flat Major, was also given a nickname: thanks to extended pizzicato passages in the first movement, it is frequently called the “Harp Quartet.” The F minor Quartet op. 95, in turn, bears in the autograph title “Quartet serioso”. All five quartets are mature masterworks which demand high interpretative and technical mastery.

Song List

  • Beethoven: Quartet C major op. 59,3 [Rasumowsky] C major op. 59,3
  • Beethoven: Quartet E minor op. 59,2 [Rasumowsky] e minor op. 59,2
  • Beethoven: Quartet E flat majeur op. 74 [Harp Quartet] E flat major op. 74
  • Beethoven: Quartet f minor op. 95
  • Beethoven: Quartet F major op. 59,1 [Rasumowsky] F major op. 59,1


  • String Quartet

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