Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves Percussion Softcover with CD

Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves Percussion Softcover with CD

This dynamic guide is a creative and methodical array of hot, grooving, dexterity-building, rudimental exercises. Each series of grooves is divided into seven sections that are one-hand, single-stroke, diddle, flam, drag, roll, and rudiment combinations. Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves is intended to serve as a bridge between beginning and more advanced player methods. This method enables you to approach each rudiment as a rhythmic study, allowing for a more groove-driven sound while performing rudiments. The accompanying CD provides professionally performed demonstrations of all the grooves shown in the book.


  • Snare Drum

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  • 9781423465324
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  • 48 Pages


  • This book is based on the drum corps warm-up concept of playing short, repetitive exercises focusing on a particular technical issue. Each exercise is written as a two-measure pattern and is presented in the same form on the accompanying CD. Students can hear the groove exercises performed on the CD and practice along with it as well. The book is divided into “One-Hand Grooves,” “Single Stroke Combination Grooves,” “Diddle Rudiment Grooves,” “Flam Rudiment Grooves,” “Drag Rudiment Grooves,” and “Rudiment Combination Grooves.” Stickings are included with each exercise. Students familiar with drumline warm-ups will relate well to this book. It could also be used by directors looking for new warm-up ideas for their drumlines.

    –Tom Morgan, Percussive Notes

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