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Juju Seed Rattle

Juju Seed Rattle

Series: IQ Plus Manufacturer: IQ Plus Music

Our IQ Plus juju seed rattle is a fine combination of traditional and modern materials. This attractive rattle is constructed of juju seeds imported from Ghana affixed to a traditional-looking but very sturdy high-strength rope. This instrument creates authentic African rattling sounds which were historically used as a means for communication. Children can shake or hit this rattle against their other hand for varied sounds. Everyone can enjoy playing this instrument even with no prior musical experience. The Juju Seed Rattle can be played individually or together as a big group. They can be played along with or without music. Children will enjoy the unique sounds created by this instrument while developing their motor skills.

$24.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00755828 UPC: 888680092016 Manufacturer Code: IQ-W077-00 Width: 6.0" Length: 14.25"

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