The Creative Band & Orchestra Instructional

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The Creative Band & Orchestra Instructional

The first book of its kind in the world, The Creative Band & Orchestra provides conductors, directors and educators with over one hundred ideas, techniques, exercises and musical examples. Through this book, you will be able to: enliven ensemble interaction; introduce five approaches to improvisation; heighten listening skills; stimulate new brainstyles; develop innovative scores; incorporate rotational seating; implement motivational ideas; present playing healthy techniques; and more!

“If you're a music educator struggling to maintain your students' interest, this book is right up your alley. Presenting alternatives to the mainstream approaches to teaching music, Lieberman gives us a host of techniques, games and approaches that will horrify your stuffy music theory teacher. But get this: kids might actually enjoy them!”

Jazz Times

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  • “This text could spice up any sagging music program with tips on how to enliven ensemble interaction, introduce improvisation, improve students' listening skills, stimulate learning, develop new scores, and present healthy playing techniques.”_- STRINGS Magazine

    “...presents a new model to musical ensembles of all sizes, styles, and instrumentation for playing within an ensemble, practicing, and performing a concert.”_- School Band and Orchestra

    “I like how the text challenges the traditional role musicians play within an ensemble, how it incorporates and uses instructional materials with new insight, and how these materials can benefit concerts.”_- IAJE Jazz Journal

    “Lieberman offers diverse ideas and unconventional approaches for inspiring students to listen, improvise, and compose.” _- MENC Journal

    “...aimed at directors, conductors, and educators, it suggests some modifications on the traditional teacher/student relationship, including the physical relationship of the classroom, and rehearsal space, and offers strategies, techniques and games designed to encourage students to develop the ability to improvise.”_- Allegro 2003

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