Simple Gifts Arranged for Harp Harp Softcover

Simple Gifts Arranged for Harp Harp Softcover

  • Harp
  • Softcover
  • Sylvia Woods
  • $5.99 (US)

Simple Gifts is a lovely American Shaker hymn. It became well-known when Aaron Copland used it in Appalachian Spring. Today it is often heard on TV and in movie scores. Sylvia's arrangement includes several variations, and is for advanced beginners and intermediate harp players. In the key of G with fingerings and lyrics. There are no lever changes. 4 pages. Playable on lever harps and pedal harps.


  • Folk Harp
  • Harp

Product Details

  • #HL 00121102
  • 9780936661162
  • 884088920623
  • 8.5"
  • 11.0"
  • 4 Pages

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