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Top 10 Pieces for 2 Pianos: #10-#6

For many pianists, the only experience of playing in a two-piano ensemble might be while rehearsing and performing a concerto in a conservatory setting. Outside that setting, there’s a limited availability of venues with two performance-ready pianos, unless you’re touring professionally. And I doubt that the average dueling-piano bar would be open to an evening […]

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Top 5 Piano Concerto Cadenzas

Not every piano concerto has a significant cadenza, but we tend to remember the ones that do. They are spotlights for the performer to show their skills without any orchestral accompaniment in the way, and often composers save both their most challenging material and some important thematic development for these sections. In the Classical period […]

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Hidden Gems: Brahms – Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21, No. 1

Johannes Brahms loved variation form. This is clear from the number of standalone variation sets he composed, as well as the numerous times he turned to variation form for a movement of a sonata or other work. All of these pieces are quite fine, but there’s something about Op. 21, No. 1 that I keep […]

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