A Practical Guide for Recruitment and Retention Music Achievement Council Softcover

A Practical Guide for Recruitment and Retention Music Achievement Council Softcover

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Recruiting for beginning instrumental music is a year-round job. This book is the most complete manual on recruiting and retention for beginning instrumental music, compiled from ideas and practices of music teachers, music retailers and the music products industry. This booklet describes recruiting methods being used successfully today by directors in schools throughout the country. Some methods differ widely, but all are techniques that have been tested in action and are proven to work. The content here reflects the combined experience of successful educators and school music retailers. That is why this is a practical guide to recruiting and retention for veteran teachers, beginning teachers and future teachers. One key person not in this booklet is you. It is up to you to add your personality and style to the techniques explained. You can do this by: rewriting the sample letters • designing your own forms • setting up schedules that fit your school system • giving everything your personal touch. The yearly cycle presented in this book is designed to increase the number of students recruited and keep them in the program. Two methods to improve retention run through this booklet: don't miss any prospective students, especially the good ones – high quality is one of the keys to retention; don't try to avoid dropouts – rather, strive to improve retention.


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