Duo for Violin and Piano E.B. Marks Softcover

Duo for Violin and Piano E.B. Marks Softcover

  • E.B. Marks
  • Edward B. Marks Music Company
  • Softcover
  • Score and Solo Part
  • Kenneth Fuchs
  • $14.99 (US)

Duo for Violin and Piano is cast in the form of a single, continuously evolving movement, whose musical ideas move from an urgent, hushed blur of whirring sound to a buoyant and optimistic lyrical theme, stated by the violin over syncopated chordal figures in the piano. The melodic shapes of these episodes are transformed in various moods and tempi throughout the composition.


  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Violin

Product Details

  • #HL 00262663
  • 9781540020826
  • 888680728106
  • EBM262663
  • 9.0"
  • 12.0"
  • 20 Pages

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