Myths and Hymns Vocal Selections

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Myths and Hymns Vocal Selections

We are proud to present this piano/vocal collection of 18 songs from the latest, highly acclaimed musical by Adam Guettel, grandson of musical theatre legend Richard Rodgers. The songs, which The New York Times calls “transcendently melodic and free of cliché” and the New York Observer says “soar with passion and rock with rhythm” include: At the Sounding • Awaiting You • Build a Bridge • Children of the Heavenly King • Come to Jesus • The Great Highway • Hero and Leander • How Can I Lose You? • Icarus • Jesus the Mighty Conqueror • Life Is but a Dream • Migratory V • Pegasus • Prometheus • Saturn Returns • Sisyphus • There's a Land • There's a Shout.

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Floyd Collins

00740127 Vocal Score $55.00

Song List

  • At The Sounding (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Awaiting You (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Build A Bridge (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Children Of The Heavenly King (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Come To Jesus (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • The Great Highway (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Hero And Leander (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • How Can I Lose You? (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Icarus (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Jesus The Mighty Conqueror (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Life Is But A Dream (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Migratory V (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Pegasus (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Prometheus (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Saturn Returns (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • Sisyphus (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • There's A Land (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)
  • There's A Shout (from MYTHS AND HYMNS)


  • Piano/Vocal

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