The Dimitri Tiomkin Anthology P/V/G Composer Collection Softcover

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The Dimitri Tiomkin Anthology P/V/G Composer Collection Softcover

  • P/V/G Composer Collection
  • Softcover
  • Dimitri Tiomkin
  • $19.99 (US)

Oscar-winner Dimitri Tiomkin is one of Hollywood's most legendary composers; his dramatic scores have helped bring more than 100 feature films to vivid life. Our anthology assembles 48 of his songs, a biography, and contents listed both alphabetically and chronologically by genre. Features classic themes from: The Alamo, Dial “M” for Murder, Friendly Persuasion, The High and the Mighty, High Noon, It's a Wonderful Life, Lost Horizon, The Old Man and the Sea, Rawhide and other fine films.

Song List

  • Ballad Of The Alamo (from THE ALAMO)
  • Ballad Of The War Wagon (from THE WAR WAGON)
  • Circus World (Main Theme) (from CIRCUS WORLD)
  • The Fall Of Love (from THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE)
  • 55 Days At Peking (from the Motion Picture 55 DAYS AT PEKING)
  • The First Christmas
  • Follow The River (from NIGHT PASSAGE)
  • Friendly Persuasion (from the Motion Picture FRIENDLY PERSUASION)
  • Giant (This Then Is Texas) (from GIANT)
  • The Green Leaves Of Summer (from THE ALAMO)
  • Gunfight At The O.K. Corral (from GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL)
  • The Guns Of Navarone (from THE GUNS OF NAVARONE)
  • Gunslinger (Theme from the Television Series)
  • Headin' Home (from DUEL IN THE SUN)
  • The High And The Mighty (from THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY)
  • High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (from HIGH NOON)
  • I'll Ballyhoo You (from THE LITTLE RACKETEER)
  • Indiana Holiday (from FRIENDLY PERSUASION)
  • It's A Wonderful Life (from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE)
  • Jett Rink Ballad (from GIANT)
  • Julie (from TAKE THE HIGH GROUND)
  • Kashmir (from SEARCH FOR PARADISE)
  • Land Of The Pharaohs (from LAND OF THE PHARAOHS)
  • Last Train From Gun Hill (from LAST TRAIN FROM GUN HILL)
  • Lost Horizon (from LOST HORIZON)
  • Love Like Ours (from THE MEN)
  • Love, Look What You've Done To Me (from I CONFESS)
  • My Favorite Memory (from the Motion Picture DIAL M FOR MURDER)
  • My Rifle, My Pony And Me (from RIO BRAVO)
  • The Need For Love (from THE UNFORGIVEN)
  • Never Be It Said (from CHAMPION)
  • Nostalgia (from ANGEL FACE)
  • The Old Man And The Sea (from THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA)
  • The Peking Theme (So Little Time) (from the Motion Picture 55 DAYS AT PEKING)
  • The Prince And Princess Waltz (Grace Kelly Wedding Waltz)
  • Quand Je Reve (from THE BIG SKY)
  • Rawhide (from RAWHIDE)
  • Return To Paradise (from RETURN TO PARADISE)
  • Rio Bravo (from RIO BRAVO)
  • Rockette Song (from THE BIG TIME REVUE)
  • Strange Are The Ways Of Love (from THE YOUNG LAND)
  • Strange Lady In Town (from STRANGE LADY IN TOWN)
  • The Sundowners (from THE SUNDOWNERS)
  • Sweet Surrender (from SWEET SURRENDER)
  • Theme From “36 Hours” (from 36 HOURS)
  • Town Without Pity (from TOWN WITHOUT PITY)
  • Wait For Love (from TENSION AT TABLE ROCK)
  • Wild Is The Wind (from WILD IS THE WIND)

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