The Elmer Bernstein Collection P/V/G Composer Collection Softcover

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The Elmer Bernstein Collection P/V/G Composer Collection Softcover

  • P/V/G Composer Collection
  • Softcover
  • Elmer Bernstein

In a career spanning five decades, Oscar-winner Elmer Bernstein composed music for hundreds of film and television productions. His most popular works include the classic themes from The Great Escape, Hawaii, The Magnificent Seven, The Man with the Golden Arm, National Geographic, The Ten Commandments, To Kill a Mockingbird, True Grit, Walk on the Wild Side and many others, all of which are included here, along with a Bernstein biography.

  • The Age Of Innocence (from THE AGE OF INNOCENCE)
  • Animal House
  • Are You Ready For The Summer? (from MEATBALLS)
  • Theme From “Baby The Rain Must Fall”
  • The Buccaneer - Love Song (from THE BUCCANEER)
  • Theme From By Love Possessed (from BY LOVE POSSESSED)
  • Delilah Jones (from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM)
  • Desire Under The Elms (Love Theme from DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS)
  • Theme From Ellery Queen
  • Far From Heaven
  • From My Window (from FRANKIE STARLIGHT)
  • A Girl Named Tamiko (from the Motion Picture A GIRL NAMED TAMIKO)
  • The Great Escape March (from THE GREAT ESCAPE)
  • The Grifters (from THE GRIFTERS)
  • Hallelujah Trail (from THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL)
  • Hawaii (Main Theme) (from HAWAII)
  • Heavy Metal (from HEAVY METAL)
  • Hello & Goodbye (from FROM NOON TILL THREE)
  • Hud (from HUD)
  • I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (from I LOVE YOU, ALICE B. TOKLAS)
  • Love And Ambition (from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS)
  • Love Me True (from CAST A GIANT SHADOW)
  • Love With The Proper Stranger (from the Paramount Motion Picture LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER)
  • Loving Echoes Of Past Times
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • Monica (from the Motion Picture THE CARPETBAGGERS)
  • Monique (from KINGS GO FORTH)
  • National Geographic Theme (from the Television Series)
  • Rat Race - Love Theme (from THE RAT RACE)
  • Theme From The Scalphunters (from THE SCALPHUNTERS)
  • Side Of The Angels
  • Sky High Waltz (from THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE)
  • Step To The Rear
  • Theme From “Stripes” (from STRIPES)
  • That's Anna (from ANNA LUCASTA)
  • To Kill A Mockingbird
  • True Grit (Theme from the Paramount Picture TRUE GRIT)
  • Walk Away
  • Walk On The Wild Side (from WALK ON THE WILD SIDE)
  • Wherever Love Takes Me

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  • Piano/Vocal/Guitar

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