Speed Picking featuring Rowan Robertson Instructional/Guitar/DVD DVD - TAB

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Speed Picking featuring Rowan Robertson Instructional/Guitar/DVD DVD - TAB

  • Instructional/Guitar/DVD
  • Hal Leonard
  • DVD – TAB
  • Rowan Robertson
  • $14.95 (US)

At the tender age of 16, English-born Rowan Robertson submitted his demo tape to Ronnie James Dio to audition for lead guitarist for the heavy metal rock group Dio. From the very first note, it proved to be the ultimate sound that Ronnie was looking for. Rowan toured and recorded with the American band until Dio disbanded in 1991, when its leader re-joined Black Sabbath. Shortly thereafter as an experienced hard rock guitarist, Rowan recorded this guitar instructional video, which has now been transformed into a DVD. In this Speed Picking DVD, Rowan captures the essence of solid lead guitar with a fresh and modern approach. He presents an in-depth study of speed picking, taking you step-by-step through alternate picking, sweep picking and economy picking. He slows it down, lays it out, and gives a detailed explanation of each technique. He demonstrates legato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and more. Rowan covers exercises that build speed and coordinate your left and right hands. He demonstrates burning licks with unbelievable speed, but slows them down and explains each part. The accompanying booklet shows each example in notation and tablature. 31 minutes.


  • Guitar

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