Konzertmusik, Op. 50 for Brass and Orchestra Schott

Konzertmusik, Op. 50 for Brass and Orchestra Schott

  • Schott
  • Schott
  • Study Score
  • Paul Hindemith
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This Concert music for string orchestra and brass instruments, op. 50 was commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1930. It stands in a series with the Concert music for solo viola and large chamber orchestra, Op. 48 and the Concert music for piano, brass instruments and two harps, Op. 49. All three works show Hindemith endeavouring to explore new possibilities in concert repertoire, with the aim of revitalising the vary nature of concert-going • an aim which is still relevant today. The printed music in the study edition of the score is based on the complete edition of Paul Hindemith's works.


  • Brass
  • Orchestra

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  • #HL 49009625
  • 9783795762933
  • 073999351996
  • ETP1460
  • 5.25"
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  • 88 Pages

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