Violin Sight-Reading 1 Misc

Violin Sight-Reading 1 Misc

  • Misc
  • Schott
  • John Kember
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This method book teaches self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns through 195 carefully graduated pieces in a range of musical styles. Includes teacher/student duets. For beginners through intermediate players.

“This collection of sight-reading exercises and idiomatic tunes '...aims to establish good practice and provide an early introduction to the essential skill of sight-reading,' according to the introduction...Violin Sight-Reading I is systematically presented in eight chapters that gradualyl progress from open-string patterns to those that utilize all four fingers...The solos with piano accompaniment that are included at the end of each chapter are practical and original gems that could easily be prepared as part of a concert program. These pieces are in a wide variety of tempos and musical styles and contain some lovely harmonic twists that will have the performers eager to try the next one...Excellent definitions of new musical terms and tempo markings are included at the beginning of each chapter, and there is a table for the student to make a glossary of these terms at the end of the book.”--Strings magazine


  • Violin

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