Metal Guitar Chop Shop Building Shred & Metal Technique Berklee Guide Softcover Audio Online - TAB

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Metal Guitar Chop Shop Building Shred & Metal Technique Berklee Guide Softcover Audio Online - TAB

  • Berklee Guide
  • Berklee Press
  • Softcover Audio Online – TAB
  • Joe Stump
  • $19.99 (US)

Increase your command of the guitar. Joe Stump reveals licks, techniques, and exerises to build your guitar technique. Learn licks and techniques comon in rock/metal sytles, and commit them to finger memory. The online audio tracks include drum tracks for exercise practice, and backing tracks for Joe's technical etudes/solo transcriptions, which are notated in both tablature and traditional notation.

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  • “I have had the pleasure of knowing Joe Stump both professionally and personally. Joe is an amazingly gifted guitarist and composer. He is also a great teacher. Joe is one of the best!” – Michael Angelo Batio
  • “One of the top U.S. shredders of all time. Metal players of all schools and styles will find quite a bit here to help improve their playing, as well as to inspire them.” – David T. Chastain
  • “During my time studying at Berklee College of Music, no guitar professor taught me more than Joe Stump. Very few in the music field possess the command that Joe has over his instrument. In this book, he continues to raise the bar and show you how to push what is possible. I've known Joe for years, now, and his work ethic and love of the guitar as an art form are always inspiring. With many classic albums to his credit, simply put: Joe Stump is the Real Deal!” – Dave Reffett (Guitar World, Revolver, Guitar Aficionado, solo artist)
  • “Metal guitar mastery! Joe has a great way of breaking everything down and actually getting you very fired up to learn. He teaches that these chops are attainable through hard work and practice, and his insights and advice are extremely helpful, especially regarding his neo-classicisms. The sound samples are an excellent way to hear the licks put into action and show that they are much more than flash but rather pieces filled with pure musicality. There is something for all guitarists here to learn, and I find it an inspired and inspiring work. Joe of course knows what he's doing and exactly how to teach it. Highly recommended.” – Toby Knapp

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