Virgil Thomson – Collected Songs Low Voice (25 Songs) Vocal Collection Softcover

Virgil Thomson – Collected Songs Low Voice (25 Songs) Vocal Collection Softcover

  • Vocal Collection
  • G. Schirmer, Inc.
  • Softcover
  • Virgil Thomson
  • $24.99 (US)

This is the first substantial collection ever published of songs by Virgil Thomson (1896-1989), composer of the operas The Mother of Us All and Four Saints in Three Acts. Thomson's musical style was based in Americana, but he was attracted to abstract poetry. The unique result is traditionalism turned on its ear. The songs date from 1926 until 1974.

Contents: Le Berceau de Gertrude Stein ou Le Mystère de la rue de Fleurus • The Courtship of the Yongly Bongly Bo • The Feast of Love (low voice only) • Film: Deux soeurs qui ne sont pas soeurs • Mostly about Love: Love Song; Down at the Docks; Let's Take a Walk; A Prayer to Saint Catherine • Portrait of F.B. (Frances Blood) • Praises and Prayers: From the Canticle of the Sun; My Master Hath a Garden; Sung by the Shepherds; Before Sleeping; Jerusalem, My Happy Home • Preciosilla • Shakespeare Songs: Was this fair face the cause; Take, o, take those lips away; Tell me where is Fancy bred; Pardon, Goddess of the night; Sigh no more, ladies • Le Singe et le Léopard • Susie Asado • The Tiger • Two by Marianne More: English Usage; My Crow Pluto.

Song List

  • Before Sleeping
  • The Courtship Of The Yongly Bongly Bo
  • Down At The Docks
  • English Usage
  • The Feast Of Love
  • Film: Deux seurs qui ne sont pas soeurs (Film: Two Sisters Not Sisters)
  • From The Canticle Of The Sun
  • Jerusalem, My Happy Home
  • Le Berceau de Gertrude Stein ou Le Mystere de la rue de Fleurus (The Cradle of Gertrude Stein or Mys
  • Le Singe et le Leopard (The Monkey And The Leopard)
  • Let's Take A Walk
  • Love Song
  • My Crow Pluto
  • My Master Hath A Garden
  • Pardon, Goddess Of The Night
  • Portrait of F.B. (Frances Blood)
  • A Prayer To Saint Catherine
  • Preciosilla
  • Sigh No More, Ladies
  • Sung By The Shepherds
  • Susie Asado
  • Take, O, Take Those Lips Away
  • Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred
  • The Tiger!
  • Was This Fair Face The Cause

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  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Voice

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