Choral Folk Songs from South Africa (Collection) Choral Collection

Choral Folk Songs from South Africa (Collection) Choral Collection

These songs first became known in the U.S. when Pete Seeger and a group of New York City teenagers, called the Song Swappers, recorded some of them for Folkways Records in 1955. (One of the Song Swappers was Mary Travers, who later became “Mary” of Peter, Paul and Mary.) In 1960 G. Schirmer published a collection of the songs, which made it possible for choral directors and song directors to introduce their singers to this music. Long out of print, the collection has now been reissued with several new songs included. The music can be adapted and used with young children, as well as high school and adult singers.


1. Abiyoyo

2.Hey, T'hola, T'hola

Work Songs

3. Manamolela

4. Bayandoyika

5. Inkosi Yamampondo*

Songs to Accompany Specific Ceremonies

6. Bayeza (Oonomot'hot'holo)

7. Ingoma Ya Bakweta*

8. Somagwaza

9. Oalla Mohololi

10. Hey, Tswana

Wedding Songs

11. Vul'emnyango*

12. Babevuya

13. Ut'he Wena

14. Isileyi Sam

15. Father, Father, Goodbye

16. Hey, Motswala

17. Here's to the Couple

Miscellaneous Songs

18. Uqongqot'hwane

19. Icamagu*

Freedom Song

20. Senzennina*

*New song in this edition.

Song List

  • Abiyoyo
  • Babevuya
  • Bayandoyika
  • Bayeza (Oonomot'hot'holo)
  • Father, Father, Goodbye
  • Here's To The Couple
  • Hey Motswala (Wedding Song)
  • Hey, T'hola, T'hola
  • Hey, Tswana
  • Icamagu
  • Ingoma Ya Bakweta
  • Inkosi Yamampondo
  • Isileyi Sam
  • Manamolela
  • Oalla Mohololi
  • Senzennina
  • Somagwaza (Ceremonial Song)
  • Uqongqot'hwane
  • Ut'he Wena
  • Vul'emnyango


  • Choral

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