Selected Piano Sonatas Piano Solo Henle Music Folios Softcover

Selected Piano Sonatas Piano Solo Henle Music Folios Softcover

Antonio Soler composed more than 500 sacred choral musical pieces in his native Spain. Today, though, it is his 200-or-so keyboard sonatas that are arousing the curiosity of performers. Our anthology volume presents 18 of them from all periods of the composer's creative life. In 1761 Soler wrote a music-theory treatise in which he sketched out methods of quickly modulting to remote keys; these techniques are also found in his keyboard sonatas. In this Urtext volume the player will enjoy the subtlety and speed of modulation between keys, and a brilliant lightness occasionally darkened by moments of pathos.

Song List

  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro) d minor
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro moderato) c minor
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro soffribile) G major
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro) (Source: EE No. 14, p. 42) G major
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro molto) [De la Codornitz] G major
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro non tanto) c minor
  • Soler: Sonata (Allegro) (Source: IFM, Ms. No. 9, p. 28) G major
  • Soler: Sonata C major
  • Soler: Sonata c sharp minor
  • Soler: Sonata D flat major
  • Soler: Sonata D major
  • Soler: Sonata E flat major
  • Soler: Sonata E major
  • Soler: Sonata e minor
  • Soler: Sonata F major
  • Soler: Sonata G major
  • Soler: Sonata [Cantabile] G major
  • Soler: Sonata [Cantabile Andantino] d minor


  • Piano

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