Choral & Classroom

Reader Testimonials

Music Express is making my life easier and making the concepts more accessible to the students. THANK YOU, MUSIC EXPRESS!
Lori Simmons - New River Elementary, New River, AZ

Music Express keeps all our batteries charged full. I look forward to each new issue. Sometimes I don-t know who is more excited, my students or me!
Sue Berry - Smith Road Elementary, Temperance, MI

I love the CDs. The quality of recordings are excellent, a real plus to teaching.
Jenice Rosen - Sierra Canyon School, Chatsworth, CA

I love the fact that the choreography can be found on your website.
Ghislaine Stewart - Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Binghamton, NY

I love this magazine! In our school, where the budget is so tight, it helps with my general music classes as well as my choral program. Keep up the good work!
Cyndi Crowder - Col. Wm. Casey Elementary School, Columbia, KY

Music Express is an exceptional value, exceptional quality, thorough and creative-a real pick-me-up for any teacher. This is the most helpful contribution to music resources in my 32 years of teaching.
Julie Warren - Redondo Elementary, Homestead, FL

I have sung your praises since the moment I started using it. Thank you for providing something I have been looking for my entire career-a season-by-season, moment-by-moment, up-to-date tool to use to share the awesome world of music to my students.
Cindy Wilkerson - Springmore Elementary, Shelby, NC

Thank you for sending the Music Express magazine. I love "Music Explosion." You are the best, John Jacobson. Music is everything to me.
Jonathon L., Grade 4 - Bel Air School, Minot, ND, Sue Ellen Johnson, Music Teacher

Music Express rocks!
Lauren J., Grade 5, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Pleasant Hill, IL, Sue Coldwell, Music Teacher

This is the best supplemental resource for the elementary music classroom that I-ve ever worked with!
Linda Holcombe - Highlands Ranch, CO

Music Express has rejuvenated my teaching and my classroom. After 28 years of teaching, it is a delight to walk into school and use such fresh, innovative, high quality material. My students love it!
Eileen DiRaddo - Camp Hill, PA

I have a wonderful time singing and dancing with Music Express. I hope that other kids in the country get to have the same experience.
Jenny D., Grade 6 - Springfield, IL

Music Express has brought a spark back to my teaching. These are fresh ideas that really encourage me. Thank you for the wonderful opportunities Music Express gives our children.
Cynthia Jones - Watterson Elementary, Louisville, KY

I love the fact that the lesson plans are there for me! Easy to do and follow.
DeAnna Guzman - East Indianola Elementary, Topeka, KA

Every month my elementary students look forward to using the magazines. One little fellow calls them the -Music Explosion- books!
Catherine Truesdale - Canterbury School, Fort Meyers, FL

Music Express magazine is a wonderful tool to help teach young students. The great songs and colored illustrations along with the listening lessons and CD make this a fantastic music magazine!
Donna Randall - Meadows Upper Elementary, Rochester, MI

I don-t know how I survived my first three years of teaching without Music Express! The magazine provides great lessons and activities that can either stand alone or supplement things we are already doing in class.
Rebecca Well - Grant Elementary, Ridgefield Park, NJ

I LOVE the music, CD articles, information about warm-ups, K-1-2 activities- everything! This is my personal teaching style. I can-t believe there is a magazine to supplement my program so well!
Dianne Borth - Gardner Elementary, Olathe, KS

I really like the idea of something to put in the hands of the children that is so colorful and appealing to them.
Ingrid Wingate - R.B. Wright Elementary, Moultrie, GA

I teach K-5th grade in four buildings and in many rooms. Textbooks are too heavy to move from room to room, but I can use the magazines in many locations!
Karen McCausland - Edgarton Elementary School, Newfield, NJ

I love that the lessons are aligned with the National Standards and are laid out so well.
Margaret Lott - Suttons Bay elementary, Suttons Bay, MI

What a wonderful teacher resource! Each issue is truly inspirational, instructional and a gentle reminder to anyone who might be drooping why we love children and our truly noble profession! Keep it coming!
Rebecca Arnold - Mansfield, OH