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Hal Leonard Vocal Competition - 2015 Winners THE 2015 HAL LEONARD VOCAL COMPETITION WINNERS Hal Leonard, the world's largest print music publisher and the world leader in vocal music, launched the exciting and innovative concept of a serious music competition for voice students comprised entirely of YouTube video entries. We believe this to be the first legitimate music competition for musicians of various ages, children through college, to be held entirely on the Internet. The required repertoire was largely drawn from art song and musical theatre literature. The deadline for entry was February 1, 2015. Judging has been concluded, and we are pleased to announce the art song and musical theatre results in the four age categories of competition. Congratulations to the prize winners! We were encouraged by the commitment and seriousness of purpose shown in the video entries. If these are a representative sampling, there are clearly many dedicated students and teachers at all levels who have embraced our heritage of music literature. We thank all those who entered for confirming that this experimental venture was more than worthwhile. And we also thank the teachers and parents who guided the voice students in this competition. Thank you also to all the accompanists for their key participation. View the Winning Videos from our Previous Years Choose a Previous Year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 ART SONG WINNERS College/University Voices High School Voices Early Teen Voices Children's Voices MUSICAL THEATRE WINNERS Young Adult Voices High School Voices Early Teen Voices Children's Voices COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY VOICES, ART SONG - Undergraduates (AGES 18-23) First Place SAMANTHA HANKEY School: The Juilliard School Pianist: Edward Kim Voice Teacher: Edith Wiens Second Place PIOTR BUSZEWSKI School: The Juilliard School Pianist: Hojae Lee Voice Teacher: Robert White Third Place MICHELLE BOGGESS School: DePaul University Pianist: Gregory Schifrin Voice Teacher: Jane Bunnell Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) KRESLEY FIGUEROA Watch Video ANNE MARIE STANLEY Watch Video ELIZABETH SYWULKA School: Manhattan School of Music Watch Video HIGH SCHOOL VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 16-18 First Place NICOLE KOH School: Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts Pianist: Ben Malkevitch Voice Teacher: Todd Wedge Second Place CAITLIN HALE DANIELS School: Richland Collegiate High School Pianist: Gloria Kim Voice Teacher: Carol Wilson Third Place (tie) SYDNEY DARDIS School: Orange County School of the Arts (Santa Ana, California) Pianist: John Henri Voice Teacher: Kathleen Martin Third Place (tie) BRENNA MCFARLAND School: Trinity Christian School (Fairfax, Virginia) Pianist: Chris Koeltzer Voice Teacher: Michael Mentzel Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) TREENA CHAUDHURI Watch Video ALEXANDER GRANITO Watch Video SARAH ROSE PARKER Watch Video KATHRYN RISCHEE Watch Video EARLY TEEN VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 13-15 First Place CARLY COONEY School: Lake Oswego High School Pianist: Daniel Buchanan Voice Teacher: Angela Niederloh Second Place MARY ELIZABETH ADLER School: Newport High School Pianist: Beth Kirchhoff Voice Teacher: Nancy Zylstra Third Place (tie) SARAH AALDERING School: Los Gatos High School Pianist: Chen Woo Voice Teacher: Kathleen Ludowise Third Place (tie) MAEVE STIER School: Homeschooled Pianist: Susan McDaniel Voice Teacher: Angela Niederloh Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) STEPHANIE CHEE Watch Video CLAIRE KWON Watch Video NIKO MANCERAE Watch Video CHILDREN'S VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 12 AND UNDER First Place EMMA-BROOKE ALLEY Location: Lyman, South Carolina Pianist: Valerie MacPhail Voice Teacher: Valerie MacPhail Second Place ALIYAH DOUGLAS School: Wilson K-8 School (Oro Valley, Arizona) Voice Teacher: Stephanie Fox Third Place (tie) CAITLIN CHISHAM School: Blair Oaks Middle School Pianist: Gretchen Huedepohl Voice Teacher: Michael Straw Third Place (tie) LENA MOLYNEUX School: The Center School Pianist: Gulia Mitzanova Voice Teacher: Amelia Demayo Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) SANGHOON JUNGE Watch Video ELORA KARES Watch Video LEXI LANNI Watch Video ARIELLE PEDERSEN Location: Spartanburg, SC Watch Video YOUNG ADULT VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - Undergraduates (AGES 18-23) First Place JAMEELAH LEAUNDRA School: Otterbein University Pianist: Tiantian Liang Voice Teacher: Keyona Willis Second Place KATHERINE RIDDLE School: American University Pianist: Andrew Welch Voice Teacher: Linda Allison Third Place (tie) LEE CLAPP School: McGill University Pianist: Parker Scheil Voice Teacher: Sanford Sylvan Third Place (tie) RACHEL HORNER School: Rutgers University Pianist: Colin Britt Voice Teacher: Alisa Belflower Honorable Mention SARAH ADAMS Watch Video HIGH SCHOOL VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 16-18 First Place LILY LORD School: Mclean High School (McLean, Virginia) Pianist: Ed Roberts Voice Teacher: Muriel Von Villas Second Place (tie) MACEY ARRINGTON School: Sharkey-Issaquena Academy (Rolling Fork, Mississippi) Pianist: Carol Joy Sparkman Voice Teacher: Chad Payton Second Place (tie) LINA SILVER School: LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts Pianist: Seth Weinstein Voice Teacher: Amelia De Mayo Third Place (tie) CATE HAYMAN School: Tam High School Pianist: Dwight Okamura Voice Teacher: Suzanne Darley Third Place (tie) ETHAN JAMES LYNCH School: Morris County School of Technology (Delville, New Jersey) Pianist: Ken Magos Voice Teacher: Stan Dunn Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) MELISSA CAMPBELL Watch Video SYDNEY HOWARD Watch Video KYLEE SHAFFER Watch Video EARLY TEEN VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 13-15 First Place AMALIA CREVANI School: Delaware Valley Regional High School (Frenchtown, New Jersey) Voice Teacher: Alejandra Garrido Second Place (tie) ALEXA NEILEN School: Homeschooled Pianist: David Ludwig Voice Teacher: Priscilla Bagley Second Place (tie) AUTUMN PLUCKER School: Coeur d'Arlene High School Voice Teacher: Andrea Olsen Third Place (tie) ARIA CRITCHLEY School: East High School Voice Teacher: Rebecca Glade Third Place (tie) MAEVE STIER School: Homeschooled Pianist: Susan McDaniel Voice Teacher: Jay Frayley Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) ANNE ABRAMCZYK Watch Video CAMERON VANCE Watch Video CHILDREN'S VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 12 AND UNDER First Place ELLA RUTMAN School: Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy Voice Teacher: Michelle Hache and Sylvia Casper Second Place (tie) SPENCER JONES School: Robinson Elementary School Voice Teacher: Lisa Casciola Second Place (tie) ALEXA REEVES School: Beck Middle School Pianist: Melissa Daniels McCann Voice Teacher: Melissa Daniels McCann Third Place (tie) ALIYAH DOUGLAS School: Wilson K-8 School (Oro Valley, Arizona) Voice Teacher: Stephanie Fox Third Place (tie) AYANNA NAVARRO School: Arlene Hein Elementary School Voice Teacher: Leslie Sandefur Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) AKIRA GOLZ Watch Video MERRIT GROVE Watch Video ELLA RESCIGNO Watch Video CHARLOTTE VARGA Watch Video Back To Top