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Eric Whitacre: Composer, Conductor, Speaker - Hal Leonard Online "Whitacre is that rare thing, a modern composer who is both popular and original"– The Daily Telegraph, London Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is one of the most popular musicians of our time. His concert music has been performed throughout the world by millions of amateur and professional musicians alike, while his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united singers from over 110 different countries. A graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, Eric was recently appointed Artist in Residence with the Los Angeles Master Chorale having completed a five-year term as Composer in Residence at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, UK. As conductor of the Eric Whitacre Singers he has released several chart-topping albums including 2010’s bestselling Light and Gold. A sought after guest conductor, Eric has conducted choral and instrumental concerts around the globe, including sold-out concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra. In addition to several collaborations with legendary Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, he has worked with British pop icons Laura Mvula, Imogen Heap and Annie Lennox. A charismatic speaker, Eric has given keynote addresses for many Fortune 500 companies and global institutions including Apple, Google, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the United Nations Speaker’s Programme and two main stage TED talks. Music Chorals Alleluia SATB divisi a cappella 3.25 (US) #HL 8754807 Animal Crackers SATB 3.25 (US) #HL 8746973 Animal Crackers II SATB 3.25 (US) #HL 8751016 As Is the Sea Marvelous SATB 2.75 (US) #HL 8753350 A Boy and a Girl SATB 2.50 (US) #HL 8744627 The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus SATB Choir/Treble Choir 8.95 (US) #HL 283852 The Chelsea Carol SATB, Organ 3.25 (US) #HL 117714 The City and the Sea SATB 8.95 (US) #HL 292595 Deep Field SATB SET OF 40 OCTAVOS 50.00 (US) #HL 217740 Hurt, I Carry Your Heart SATB 14.99 (US) #HL 298649 Enjoy the Silence SATB divisi a cappella 3.25 (US) #HL 155190 Fly to Paradise SATB divisi 3.25 (US) #HL 138730 Glow SATB 2.25 (US) #HL 151666 Glow - Optional String Parts String Parts 25.00 (US) #HL 151667 Glow SSA 2.75 (US) #HL 276548 Glow SAB 2.75 (US) #HL 276553 Glow TBB 2.75 (US) #HL 276554 Goodnight Moon SATB 3.10 (US) #HL 283875 Her Sacred Spirit Soars SATB Double Choir 3.50 (US) #HL 8745015 Higher, Faster, Stronger SATB with Piano 15.95 (US) #HL 14042751 Higher, Faster, Stronger Instrumental Parts 23.95 (US) #HL 14042761 Higher, Faster, Stronger Full Score 20.95 (US) #HL 14042762 i carry your heart SATB 2.95 (US) #HL 269490 I Walked the Boulevard SATB 2.75 (US) #HL 8753347 Light & Gold CD 16.98 (US) #HL 8753329 Little Man in a Hurry SATB 3.25 (US) #HL 8753351 Maggie and Milly and Molly and May SATB 2.75 (US) #HL 8753349 the moon is hiding in her hair SATB 2.25 (US) #HL 8753348 Nox Aurumque SATB a cappella 3.25 (US) #HL 8751018 Oculi Omnium SATB divisi a cappella 3.25 (US) #HL 8754805 Sainte-Chapelle SSATB a cappella 2.95 (US) #HL 137741 The Seal Lullaby SA 2.75 (US) #HL 276434 The Seal Lullaby TB 2.75 (US) #HL 276435 The Seal Lullaby SAB 2.75 (US) #HL 276437 The Seal Lullaby SATB 2.95 (US) #HL 8749149 The Seal Lullaby SSA 2.95 (US) #HL 8749771 The Seal Lullaby TTBB 2.95 (US) #HL 8751019 Sleep My Child SATB a cappella 3.25 (US) #HL 8751020 The Star-Spangled Banner SATB divisi a cappella 2.95 (US) #HL 198264 The Stolen Child SATB a cappella 3.95 (US) #HL 8751017 This Marriage SATB a cappella 2.50 (US) #HL 8745014 Concert Band Cloudburst Score & Parts 195.00 (US) #HL 4002074 Cloudburst Score 50.00 (US) #HL 4002075 Deep Field SATB 2.75 (US) #HL 217739 Deep Field SATB SET OF 40 OCTAVOS 50.00 (US) #HL 217740 Equus – Opt. Choral Part for Band Work SATB divisi 2.95 (US) #HL 190908 Equus – Opt. Choral Part for Band Work SATB SET OF 40 OCTAVOS 80.00 (US) #HL 190909 Equus Score & Parts 225.00 (US) #HL 4001886 Equus Score 60.00 (US) #HL 4001887 Ghost Train – Movement 1 (from Ghost Train Trilogy) Score & Parts 175.00 (US) #HL 4001838 Ghost Train Trilogy – Complete Set (Three Movements) Score & Parts 375.00 (US) #HL 4001840 Ghost Train Trilogy – Complete Set (Three Movements) Score 60.00 (US) #HL 4001841 Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Score & Parts 200.00 (US) #HL 4001836 Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Score 60.00 (US) #HL 4001837 Godzilla Eats Las Vegas! – Opt. Choral Part SATB 2.95 (US) #HL 217741 Godzilla Eats Las Vegas! – Opt. Choral Part SATB SET OF 40 OCTAVOS 79.99 (US) #HL 217742 Goodnight Moon Score & Parts 150.00 (US) #HL 4005423 Lux Aurumque Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4002371 Lux Aurumque Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4002372 Noisy Wheels of Joy Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4001966 Noisy Wheels of Joy Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4001967 October Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4001888 October Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4001889 The Seal Lullaby Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4003047 The Seal Lullaby Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4003048 Sleep Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4002139 Sleep Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4002140 Sleep My Child Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4003375 Sleep, My Child (from Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings) Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4003374 The Star-Spangled Banner Score & Parts 75.00 (US) #HL 4005667 The Star-Spangled Banner Score 25.00 (US) #HL 4005668 Orchestra A Boy and a Girl – String Orchestra Score 8.95 (US) #HL 14042176 Lux Aurumque – Full Orchestra Score 35.00 (US) #HL 4004984 Lux Aurumque – Full Orchestra Score & Parts 125.00 (US) #HL 4004983 October – String Orchestra Score & Parts 85.00 (US) #HL 4490700 October – String Orchestra Score 15.00 (US) #HL 4490701 Vocal Goodnight Moon 4.99 (US) #HL 146391