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Into The Woods Jr. - Broadway Junior | Hal Leonard Menu LEARN MORE About Broadway Junior What Comes With the Showkit®? How to License a Broadway Junior Musical Order an Audio Sampler Frequently Asked Questions 60-Min.ute Musicals [JR.] 60-Minute Musicals 13 Jr. Aladdin Jr. (Disney) Annie Jr. Beauty and the Beast Jr. (Disney) The Big One-Oh! Jr. Bugsy Malone Jr. Children Of Eden Jr. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. Dear Edwina Jr. Doctor Dolittle Jr. Dot & The Kangaroo Jr. The Drowsy Chaperone Jr. Elf The Musical Jr. Fame Jr. Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Finding Nemo Jr. (Disney) Finian's Rainbow Jr. Flat Stanley Jr. Frozen Jr. (Disney) A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens Jr. (Magic Tree House) Godspell Jr. Guys and Dolls Jr. Hairspray Jr. High School Musical Jr. (Disney) High School Musical 2 Jr. (Disney) Honk! Jr. Into the Woods Jr. James and the Giant Peach Jr. (Roald Dahl) Junie B. Jones Jr. Legally Blonde Jr. The Lion King Jr. (Disney) The Little Mermaid Jr. (Disney) Madagascar - A Musical Adventure Jr. Mary Poppins Jr. (Disney/Cameron Mackintosh) Matilda Jr. (Roald Dahl) Mean Girls Jr. Moana Jr. (Disney) The Music Man Jr. My Son Pinocchio Jr. (Disney) Newsies Jr. (Disney) Oliver! Jr. Once on This Island Jr. Peter Pan Jr. (Broadway) The Phantom Tollbooth Jr. The Pirates of Penzance Jr. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Jr. Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. Seussical Jr. Shrek Jr. Singin' In The Rain Jr. Sister Act Jr. Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. Willy Wonka Jr. (Roald Dahl) Xanadu Jr. 30-Min.ute Musicals [KIDS] 30-Minute Musicals 101 Dalmatians KIDS (Disney) Aladdin KIDS (Disney) Annie KIDS Aristocats KIDS (Disney) Dinosaurs Before Dark KIDS (Magic Tree House) Finding Nemo KIDS (Disney) Frozen KIDS (Disney) The Jungle Book KIDS (Disney) The Knight at Dawn KIDS (Magic Tree House) The Lion King KIDS (Disney) The Music Man KIDS Pirates Past Noon KIDS (Magic Tree House) Seussical KIDS Willy Wonka KIDS (Roald Dahl) Winnie the Pooh KIDS (Disney) A Year with Frog and Toad KIDS Product Information Musical Numbers Cast of Characters Credits Book by James Lapine Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine Overview / Synopsis Into the Woods JR.* is the authorized young performer's edition of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's cock-eyed view of everyone's favorite fairytale characters in this hysterical take on the Brothers Grimm. Into the Woods JR. is an engaging and funny musical comedy that twists familiar fairy tales into a brand new story. When a Baker and his Wife learn they've been cursed with childlessness by the Witch next door, they embark on a quest for the special objects required to break the spell; swindling, deceiving and stealing from Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack (the one who climbed the beanstalk)! Equally at home in large or intimate spaces, Into the Woods Junior is a funny and engaging way to get young people to think about the stories with which they've grown up, and the ethical issues raised therein. The Broadway Junior Collection now offers this Stephen Sondheim score in an adapted format perfect for young performers! Bring the world of theatre to your very own backyard with Into the Woods Junior. Audio Sampler - HL00147557 $10.00 ShowKit - HL00147593 $695.00 This ShowKit includes: 30 Libretto/Vocal Books Director's Script Piano/Vocal Score Production Handbook Cross-Curricular Activities and Enrichment 2 Performance/Accompaniment CDs Choreography DVD 30 Family Matters Booklets 60-Minute JR. Request * Into the Woods JR. does not have a chorus or chorus parts Individual Components 00147552 - Director's Guide $100.00 00147553 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00 00147554 - Actor's Script $10.00 00147555 - Actor's Script 10-Pak $75.00 00127835 - Rehearsal/Accompaniment CDs $75.00 00146065 - Student Rehearsal CD $10.00 00146066 - Student Rehearsal CD 20-Pak $100.00 00147556 - Choreography DVD $50.00 00146067 - Media Disc $10.00 00147557 - Audio Sampler $10.00 Hear A Sample Scene 1 Opening - Part I [Narrator, Cinderella, Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda] Opening - Part II [Baker, Baker's Wife, Little Red Ridinghood] Opening - Part III [Narrator, Jack, Jack's Mother] Opening - Part IV [Spoken] [Narrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch] Opening - Part V [Spoken] [Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch] Opening - Part VI [Spoken] [Narrator, Witch] Opening - Part VII [Stepmother, Cinderella, Cinderella's Father] Opening - Part VIII [Baker's Wife, Baker, Cinderella] Opening - Part IX [Ensemble] Scene 2 Cinderella at the Grave [Cinderella, Cinderella's Mother] Hello, Little Girl [Wolf, Little Red Ridinghood] After "Hello, Little Girl" [Rapunzel, Baker's Wife] I Guess This is Goodbye/Maybe They're Magic [Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife] Rapunzel [Rapunzel] Baker's Reprise [Baker] I Know Things Now [Little Red Ridinghood] A Very Nice Prince [Baker's Wife, Cinderella] Scene 3 Giants in the Sky [Jack] Agony [Rapunzel's Prince, Cinderella's Prince] Rapunzel (Reprise) [Rapunzel] It Takes Two [Baker, Baker's Wife] Scene 4 Stay With Me [Witch] On the Steps of the Palace [Cinderella] Scene 5 Finale - Part II [Florinda, Stepmother] Finale - Part III [Steward] Finale - Part IV [Lucinda, Stepmother] Finale - Part VII [Narrator, Company] Curtain Music [Company] The Baker The Baker is an innocent but stubborn husband. This is a large role that has some challenging singing. The audience should never doubt he is a good-hearted person, trying to do what is right. The Baker's Wife The Baker's Wife is strong, determined and patient. The role requires excellent singing AND acting, plus a good sense of comic timing. Cinderella Cinderella is at once beautiful and surprisingly clumsy and awkward. Cinderella has very little dialogue. Cinderella's Family Cinderella's Stepmother, her stepsisters Florinda and Lucinda, and her Father are great comedic roles. Cinderella's Mother Cinderella's Mother is a one-scene wonder. The voice should be strong and pleasant. A collection of remembered mannerisms and sayings. Jack Jack has a lot of dialogue, and is responsible for singing two of the best-loved songs: "I Guess This Is Goodbye" and "Giants in the Sky." This is a role that could conceivably be played by a young woman, however, you will want to make sure she plays it as a boy and doesn't change the gender of the character. Jack's Mother Jack's Mother is described physically as "not quite pretty." She should be comfortable playing frazzled and frumpy. This is mainly an acting role and therefore requires an actress with an easily projected, authoritative speaking voice. Little Red Ridinghood Little Red Ridinghood is pushy, bratty, over-fed and spoiled. Her journey teaches her some very important lessons. A wonderfully fun role for the right girl. The Narrator / Mysterious Man The Narrator / Mysterious Man tells the story to the audience. While he doesn't sing much, he does have the most lines to memorize, being the largest role in the show. The Narrator is frequently cast as the Mysterious Man as well. Rapunzel Rapunzel must stand up to her mother and eventually leave her for the world. This role requires an excellent soprano voice. Rapunzel's Prince and Cinderella's Prince Rapunzel's Prince and Cinderella's Prince are pompous, conceited and self-absorbed brothers. They should be able to carry themselves with confidence. Both should be good singers. The Witch The Witch is the ultimate character role. Originally played by Bernadette Peters on Broadway, it requires a good singer/actor who can deliver the drama of the script. Mysterious and mischievous. FEATURED ENSEMBLE: The Wolf The Wolf should be properly slimy and a bit creepy. The Steward The Steward is a great role to gain experience. Granny Granny may be doubled by Cinderella's mother.   Milky White was played on Broadway by a prop, but you may choose to cast this non-singing role.
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