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The Etude: A music magazine of yesteryear

OK, guys. I found something recently that I think will provide enough material for many posts to come. Someone at the office showed me three issues of a magazine called The Etude, which was published by the Theodore Presser Company from 1883–1957. The issues in question date from May 1910, March 1928, and March 1929. […]

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Piano Music for Moods

Years ago, I stumbled on a website where a music lover had made a list of his or her favorite pieces for a variety of moods. That list encompassed all classical genres, and it was pretty comprehensive. Some of the associations led me to discover music that soon became some of my favorite. To show […]

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Hidden Gems: Mozart – Fantasia and Fugue in C Major, K. 394

I discovered Mozart’s Fantasia and Fugue in C Major, sometimes titled Prelude and Fugue, while looking for a non-sonata Mozart piece to learn in college (at the time I settled on the C minor Fantasia, K. 396). I’ve wanted to write about this one for a while, but I always had a fundamental problem: I […]

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