The E-Z Play® Today songbook series is the shortest distance between beginning music and playing fun! Features of this series include:

  • full-size books - large 9" x 12" format features easy-to-read, easy-to-play music
  • accurate arrangements - simple enough for the beginner, but with authentic-sounding chords and melody lines
  • minimum number of page turns
  • thousands of songs - an incredible array of favorites, from classical and country to Christmas and contemporary hits
  • lyrics - most arrangements include complete song lyrics
  • most up-to-date registrations - books in the series contain a general registration guide, as well as individual song rhythm suggestions for today's electronic keyboards and organs
  • guitar chord chart - all songs in the series can also be played on guitar, and many E-Z PLAY® TODAY songbooks include a guitar chord chart.

Want to find a song in E-Z Play® Today notation? Click here to browse our songfinder.

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