Choral & Classroom

Younger @ Part - All Shook Up


Inspired by and featuring the songs of ELVIS PRESLEY®

Book: Joe DiPietro

Originally Produced on Broadway by Jonathan Pollard, Bernie Kukoff, Clear Channel Entertainment, Harbor Entertainment, Miramax Films, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, Stanley Buchthal, Eric Falkenstein, Nina Essman/Nancy Nagel Gibbs, Jean Cheever, Margaret Cotter, in association with Barney Rosenzweig, Meri Krassner, FGRW Investments, Karen Jason, Phil Ciasullo Conard.

Originally produced for Goodspeed Musicals, Michael P. Price, Executive Producer, Sue Frost, Associate Producer.

Overview / Synopsis

Now available for elementary-school productions! Loosely based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, this hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy set in 1955 will have you jumpin' out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, and Jailhouse Rock. Great roles for girls and boys, a peerless rock pedigree and swingin' dance numbers specially broken down for elementary schoolers in the included choreographic instructional videos

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This ShowBox includes:

  • 30 Cast Script/Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • 2 Piano/Vocal Scores
  • Guide Vocals CD
  • Performance Tracks CD
  • Logo Pack CD
Individual Components

00292414 - Director's Script $50.00

00292415 - Cast Script/Vocal Book $10.00

00292416 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00

00292429 - Guide Vocals CD $50.00

00292430 - Performance Tracks CD $100.00

Jailhouse Rock
C'mon Everybody
TeddyBear/Hound Dog
It's Now or Never
Love Me Tender
Blue Suede Shoes
Can't Help Falling in Love
All Shook Up
Natalie Haller

Although she's a teenager, she's an excellent mechanic. She's much more at home in greasy overalls than a dress.


A great-lookin', motorbike-ridin', guitar-playin', leather-jacketed roustabout.


The no-nonsense owner of Sylvia's Honky-Tonk Cafe.


Sylvia's daughter.


An awkward young man. He aspires to be a dentist.


The beautiful, intellectual caretaker of the town's museum.

Mayor Matilda Hyde

The town's very conservative mayor.

Dean Hyde

Matilda's teenage son. He has spent his youth at military boarding schools and he has never disobeyed his mother.

Sheriff Earl

The law in town and a man of not many words. He loyally follows the Mayor wherever she goes.

Male & Female Ensemble

These actors play an assortment of TOWNSPEOPLE and are featured throughout the show.