Welcome, Latin American Retailers!

Since 1947, Hal Leonard products have supported and excited the world's musicians. Today we are your source for gear in the studio and recording, guitar accessories and pedals, mobile device, electronic drum, and hand percussion categories. Throughout Latin America, we offer brands that consumers want and award-winning, dealer-friendly service that you can trust. Contact us at latam@halleonard.com and see how Hal Leonard can support your growth in the hot-selling markets.

Hal Leonard distributes over 40 brands of products and accessories to Latin America, including these featured brands (some territory restrictions may apply):

In addition to these brands, all of our Hal Leonard printed publications are available to Latin America.

Contact us at latam@halleonard.com today!

* Not Available in Mexico and Brazil through Hal Leonard
**Available only through Hal Leonard's Virtual Vault program

Shipping Information

Hal Leonard's warehouse is located in Winona, Minnesota, USA. We ship from this warehouse to locations all over the world. We provide multiple shipping solutions depending on the destination, size of the shipment, and speed of shipping.

  • Hal Leonard ships directly to your address via major commercial carriers FedEx, USPS, UPS, or DHL
  • Hal Leonard ships to your freight forwarder in the United States via domestic shipping services
  • Hal Leonard coordinates collection by your freight forwarder at our warehouse

With very few exceptions, all products produced and distributed by Hal Leonard ship from the same warehouse. This allows us to consolidate shipments, invoicing, and payment and increase the efficiency of your supply chain. Products not stocked in the USA can typically be shipped directly to you from one of our other global warehouses for nominal shipping fees.

At the time of ordering, Hal Leonard will be happy to provide you with shipping quotes for your orders. Dimensions and weights can also be provided for your own freight services at your request.

If you have any questions about Hal Leonard's shipping policies or procedures, please email latam@halleonard.com.

Digital Programs

On Location

Hal Leonard operates Digital Retailer. This website service allows our retailers to download and print music for customers at a wholesale discount.  Purchases are invoiced weekly to the normal Hal Leonard account. There are no shipping or import costs associated with these digital products and there is no fee to open an account. The music does not have a retail price printed on it and customers are encouraged to price as needed for their market.  Please contact your Hal Leonard sales representative to sign-up for a Digital Retailer account. The address is: https://digitalretailer.halleonard.com/instore/


Hal Leonard's Top Hat is an online affiliate service for Sheet Music Direct (https://www.sheetmusicdirect.com). Hal Leonard adds the retailer's business logo to the top of the normal web page with links back to the retailer's website. By branding the website with the local retailer information, customers will still feel that they are shopping with stores they know and trust.  Hal Leonard handles all billing and technical support for this website and provides a commission on sales back to the retailer. Commissions are credited to the retailer's normal Hal Leonard account quarterly. To create a website, Hal Leonard just needs a copy of the business logo and a page of basic information.


Hal Leonard participates on the Xchange Market software distribution platform. Brands available through Hal Leonard include Antares, Avid (Pro Tools, Sibelius, Media Composer), IK Multimedia, Propellerhead, and more. There are no shipping or processing fees for digitally distributed software and purchases are billed to the retailer's normal Hal Leonard account. Purchases include a serial code and download link that retailers can deliver to customers in-person or online. View the Xchange Market website and sales presentation here: https://www.xchangemarket.com/

Integrated Online

Hal Leonard allows its retail partners to integrate digital sheet music into existing websites and shopping cart systems. This is more involved than Top Hat in terms of programming, but it provides a more seamless experience for consumers and more retailer control over presentation and organization. In summary, the retailer need only build a system that requests sheet music from Hal Leonard's secure servers. There is no need to store large amounts of files or plug-ins. Purchases through this program are invoiced to the retailer's Hal Leonard account once a week. Documentation is here: https://haldms.halleonard.com/apidoc/

For more information on any of these programs, please contact us at latam@halleonard.com.


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