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A Mystery, the Holiday Care and Feeding of Church Musician’s

Chris Titko is a musician par excellence whether he is accompanying, directing, or editing the latest choral releases for the world’s largest music distributor. This classically trained church musician brings an impressive skill set to his daily enterprise that uniquely qualifies him for service to the modern church. An industry insider, he knows how to […]

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COOKING A CANTATA BY TEMPLATE (Create Your Own Service of Light)

Long before I was creating cantatas for publishers, I was helping to create them for the local church. While we all love to sell our published work, we recognize that, for a variety of reasons, churches may need to create a Christmas program from scratch. Using the anthems you already have in your library (perhaps […]

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Everywhere Christmas Tonight

Even before school let out for winter, I knew it was Christmastime by the familiar signs that filled my childhood home with cheer: the scrumptious smell of Mom’s homemade Chex mix filling the kitchen, Dad pulling boxes of ornaments out from the garage, and classic Christmas melodies playing over the stereo. Next came the decorations. […]

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