Berklee Practice Method: Cello Get Your Band Together Berklee Methods Softcover with CD

Berklee Practice Method: Cello Get Your Band Together Berklee Methods Softcover with CD

  • Berklee Methods
  • Berklee Press
  • Softcover with CD
  • Matt Glaser, Mimi Rabson
  • $14.99 (US)

This is the first-ever method that teaches you how to play in a rock band. Learn what all the great musicians seem to know intuitively – how to listen, interact and respond, improvise, and become part of the groove. The book and play-along CD will help improve your timing, technique, and reading ability. Become the great player that everyone wants to have in their band!

Lessons throughout the book guide you through technique that's specific to learning to play cello in a contemporary ensemble, complete with daily practice routines. The CD features outstanding Berklee players and covers a wide variety of styles: rock, funk, jazz, blues, swing and bossa nova!


  • Cello

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  • 176 Pages


  • “Teachers are invaluable, practicing by yourself is critical, but performing in a band is the most valuable experience of all. That's what is so special about this series: it gives you the theory you need, but also prepares you to play in a band. This series will help you master the skills you need to become a creative, expressive, and supportive musician that anyone would want to have in their band.” – Gary Burton, Executive Vice President, Berklee College of Music, Grammy® award-winning jazz vibraphonist
  • “True to the tradition of Berklee College of Music to thoroughly train students to be professional musicians, this method is a great workout. It is an excellent practice book covering many styles.” – Carol Kaye, bass recording legend, educator at the Henry Mancini Institute-UCLA
  • “The Berklee Practice Method is an effective and impressive combination of music and methodology for beginning-level players, emphasizing the practical aspects of Berklee's approach. This book expands the student's understanding of music theory, improves instrumental skills, and develops an ability to perform and improvise. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a career in contemporary music.” – Hal Crook, jazz trombonist
  • “I am sure that students working with the Berklee Practice Method will find their proficiency increasing dramatically.” – Phil Wilson, jazz performer/composer/arranger
  • “What a great idea – a basic book for all the instruments that form a combo. This offers students an opportunity to play together and develop a sense of teamwork, while at the same time, learning technical details about their instruments. I feel it is very correct to insist in training the ear, the ability to compose, and especially to read music. I am pleased how this method combines technical aspects, such as the use of articulation, with concepts that are purely artistic, whether playing as part of the rhythm section or as a soloist.” – Paquito D'Rivera, three-time Grammy® award-winning saxophonist/clarinetist/composer

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