Arranging Barbershop Volume 1: Getting Started Reference Softcover

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Arranging Barbershop Volume 1: Getting Started Reference Softcover

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Barbershop singing is often thought of as a genre of music when, in fact, it is a style of arranging. Any song can be arranged in the barbershop style, provided that the arranger be familiar with the tenets of this originally American--though now global--art form. Arranging Barbershop provides this framework. It follows in the footsteps of arranging legends, both from the early days of barbershop and those since the preservationist movement, including our modern, living arrangers. All of these artists shaped barbershop to what it is today: a vibrant, unique musical experience that has the capacity to be compelling both for the singers and the eager listeners. This book is intended to empower current and future generations of barbershop arrangers of all skill levels, providing them the tools and knowledge they need to bring their creations to life.

Arranging Barbershop is divided into four volumes: 1) Getting Started, 2) The Arranging Journey, 3) Visions of Excellence, and 4) Learn from the Experts. Each volume is meant to be standalone but also a part of the greater whole. Volume 1, “Getting Started,” provides foundational tools and approaches for the budding arranger.

Filled with case studies, specific examples (with audio and video clips) and lessons learned, each volume aims to unlock new skills and expertise for everyone interested in arranging in the barbershop style.


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