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The Blues Guitar Chord Deck

The Blues Guitar Chord Deck

Series: Music Sales America Publisher: Music Sales America TAB Author: David Bradley

The Blues Guitar Chord Deck makes learning a real 'hands-on' experience and features over 40 blues chords in a convenient deck format of cardboard guitar-neck illustrations that fan out and indicate exactly where to place your fingers. Master a whole set of new skills with the deck's ingenious swivel pack design that literally puts a wealth of blues guitar information right at your fingertips. Displayed in easy-to-read chord frames, standard notation, and TAB for each chord, The Blues Guitar Chord Deck is a must have for the budding blues artist! Includes: Only the chords you really need to know; All chords are 'seventh' chords (major, minor, dominant, diminished), with extensions and alterations; All chords are movable (no open strings) to play in any key, with roots clearly marked; Easy-to-read chord frames, standard notation, and TAB for each chord; Scale choices for each chord; Detailed analysis and chord functions (where and when to use); Sections on Chord Construction, Functions, and Progressions; List of most important scales (which are covered in the Scale deck).

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