51 Tasty Licks You Must Learn Lick Library DVD - TAB

51 Tasty Licks You Must Learn Lick Library DVD - TAB

We live in a world of endless guitar shredding – players tearing up down and across the fretboard at mind boggling speeds. There comes a certain excitement and respect for this ability but sometimes one wonders what ever happened to the classic tasty lick of days gone by. Guitar players would catch your ear with beautiful melodic phrases that would have you reaching for your handkerchief.

The licks on this DVD are designed to help create melodic, attention grabbing solos that will guarantee you don't drive home from the show alone. Smooth guitar lines, soulful bends, melodic tapping and many other techniques are used within this DVD. Once you've mastered these licks, you will have taken your playing to a new level. If you are already a shredder, you will now have a new dimension to add to your skill set; and if you are soulful blues man, you will have a modern edge to apply to your solos.


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