Melodic Lead Guitar

Melodic Lead Guitar

Series: Instructional/Guitar/DVD Format: DVD Artist: Tom Kolb

Kolb reveals the tools and strategies necessary for creating memorable, intelligent lead lines. If you're looking to break out of that pentatonic rut and greatly expand your repertoire, look no further. Tom breaks these topics down in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion and demonstrates their usefulness with exciting musical examples. Topics covered include: rocking up Mixolydian • 3rds and 6ths • arpeggios • “the railroad track” – the easiest scale in the world • minor scales and modes • Lydian: a major alternative • major-key soloing for rockers • triad substitutions • pentatonic double stops • killer guitar tone • open-string embellishments. 127 minutes.

  • Guitar

$24.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00320664 ISBN: 9781423432944 UPC: 884088169831 Width: 5.25" Length: 7.5" Run time: 2:07:00

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