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Drum Programming Secrets

Drum Programming Secrets

Series: DVD Manufacturer: KeyFax New Media Inc. Format: DVD Author: Various

They listen to your song and you cough loudly every time that lame drum fill comes up. You wish you'd taken a drum programming course but, well.. Professionals across many different genres, including leading sound designer Dave Polich, provide hands-on tips and reveal industry secrets about programming drums using the latest beat generators from hardware drum machines, to plug-in applications, to plain old MIDI keyboards and DAWs. Drum Programming Secrets gives you the inside track on programming drums: how to set up your drum sounds on a keyboard, how to input the basic material, how to use both simple and advanced editing techniques, plus finger-by-finger instruction and insights into a whole range of different drum styles from rock, to world, dance, funk, and much more. Cough no more.

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