Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers Voice and Piano Vocal Collection

Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers Voice and Piano Vocal Collection

  • Vocal Collection
  • Edward B. Marks Music Company
  • Various
  • Willis C. Patterson
  • $24.99 (US)

Contents: For You There is No Song (Leslie Adams) • Early in the Mornin' (David Baker) • A Good Assassination Should Be Quiet (David Baker) • Status Symbol (David Baker) • Three Dream Portraits: Minstrel Man; Dream Variations; I, Too (Margaret Bonds) • The Barrier (Charles Brown) • Song Without Words (Charles Brown) • Death of an Old Seaman (Cecil Cohen) • Two Songs for Julie Ju (Noel da Costa) • Cassandra's Lullaby (Mark Fax) • Love (Mark Fax) • A Charm at Parting (Adolphus C. Hailstork) • I Loved You (Adulphus C. Hailstork) • Absalom (Eugene Hancock) • Nunc Dimittis (Eugene Hancock) • Riding to Town (Thomas Kerr, Jr.) • Compensation (Charles Lloyd, Jr.) • If There Be Sorrow (Wendell Logan) • Marrow of My Bone (Wendell Logan) • Chanson Triste (Maurice McCall) • Sweet Sorrow (Maurice McCall) • Weary Blues (Dorothy Rudd Moore) • Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee (Undine Moore) • Faithful One (Robert Owens) • Genius Child (Robert Owens) • A Child's Grace (Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson) • Melancholy (Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson) • Night (Florence Price) • Song to the Dark Virgin (Florence Price) • Velvet Shoes (Hale Smith) • Grief (William Grant Still) • A Death Song (Howard Swanson) • I Will Lie Down in Autumn (Howard Swanson) • The Negro Speaks of Rivers (Hoaward Swanson) • Lament (George Walker) • A Red, Red Rose (George Walker) • Wry Fragments (Olly Wilson) • Dancing in the Sun (John Work, Jr.) • Soliloquy (John Work, Jr.).

Song List

  • Absalom (Hancock)
  • Barrier, The (Brown)
  • Cassandra's Lullaby (Fax)
  • Chanson Triste (Mccall)
  • Charm At Parting, A (Hailstork)
  • Child's Grace, A (Perkinson)
  • Compensation
  • Dancing In The Sun (Work)
  • Death Of An Old Seaman (Cohen)
  • Death Song, A (Swanson)
  • Early In The Morning
  • Faithful One (Owens)
  • For You There Is No Song (Adams)
  • Genius Child (Owens)
  • Good Assassination Shd.Be Quiet
  • Grief
  • I Loved You (Hailstork)
  • I Will Lie Down In Autumn
  • If There Be Sorrow (Logan)
  • Lament
  • Love (Fax M)
  • Love Let The Wind Cry (Moore)
  • Marrow Of My Bone (Logan)
  • Melancholy (Perkinson)
  • Negro Speaks Of Rivers,The
  • Night
  • Nunc Dimittis
  • Red, Red Rose, A (Walker)
  • Riding To Town (Kerr)
  • Soliloquy (Vessey/Effinger)
  • Song To The Dark Virgin (Price)
  • Song Without Words, Op. 62, No. 6
  • Status Symbol (Baker)
  • Sweet Sorrow (Mccall)
  • Three Dream Portraits (Bonds)
  • Two Songs For Julie Ju (Dacosta)
  • Velvet Shoes (Smith)
  • Weary Blues
  • Wry Fragments (Wilson)


  • Piano
  • Vocal

Product Details

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  • 9780793508716
  • 073999082425
  • M891
  • 9.0"
  • 12.0"
  • 160 Pages

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