The American Square Dance Music Sales America Softcover

The American Square Dance Music Sales America Softcover

  • Music Sales America
  • Oak Archives
  • Softcover
  • Margot Mayo
  • $19.95 (US)

You can have fun square dancing and you'll learn how to dance the figures and even learn how to call a square dance with Margot Mayo's classic manual, The American Square Dance. Here is the basic book for square dancers containing all of the essentials for many hours of enjoyment. An illustrated glossary of square dance terms shows all of the basic square dance figures – promenade, allemand, left, do-si-do, etc. Complete instructions, calls and illustrated figures for 13 of the most popular American square dances appear, plus the music all ready for your pianist and fiddlers to play.


  • Melody/Lyrics/Chords

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  • 116 Pages

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