The Novello Book of Short and Easy Anthems for Upper Voices Choral Softcover

The Novello Book of Short and Easy Anthems for Upper Voices Choral Softcover

  • Choral
  • Novello
  • Softcover
  • SA
  • Various
  • David Hill
  • $15.95 (US)

Featuring 28 anthems that can be learnt and sung quickly, The New Novello Book Of Short & Easy Anthems gives Upper Voice choirs a grand selection of songs that will prevent a reliance on the same ones. Whether your choir is large or small, the music contained within this collection is perfect for beautifully versatile melodies that can be learned very easily.


Ave Maria [Dupré, Marcel]

An Advent Responsory [Rose, Barry]

Beati Omnes [Jeffcoat, Rupert]

The Dormouse's Carol [Poston, Elizabeth]

Draw Near With Faith [Miller, Peter]

Fauxbourdon Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis [Owens, Matthew]

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost [Roberts, Keith]

Joseph Fili David [Owens, Matthew]

Listen To The Song Of The Children [Moore, Philip]

Easter Troparion [Russian Orthodox]

Lord, Be Thy Word My Rule [Davy, James]

Lord, I Am Not Worthy To Receive You [Miller, Peter]

The Lord's Prayer [Tavener, John]

O Salutaris Hostia [Jones, Meirion Wynn]

Missa Eudora [Jeffcoat, Rupert]

O Trinity! O Unity! [Jeffcoat, Rupert]

A Prayer Of Desmond Tutu [Whitbourn, James]

Preces And Responses [Terry, David]

Psalm 23 [Wikeley, Jonathan]

Sun Of My Soul [Davy, James]

Salve Regina [Berkeley, Lennox]

Tantum Ergo [Liszt, Franz]

Tantum Ergo [Terry, David]

A Thin Place [Wikeley, Jonathan]

There Is A River [Burtonwood, Stephen]

Evening Hymn [Roberts, Keith]

Why Do I Use My Paper, Ink And Pen? [Byrd, William]

Xicochi [Fernandes, Gaspar]

Song List

  • Advent Responsory
  • Ave Maria
  • Beati Omnes
  • The Dormouse's Carol
  • Draw Near With Faith
  • Evening Hymn
  • Fauxbourdon Service
  • Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
  • Joseph Fili David
  • Listen To The Song Of The
  • Lord, By Thy Word My Rule
  • Lord, I Am Not Worthy To
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Missa Eudora
  • O Salutaris Hostia
  • O Trinity! O Unity!
  • A Prayer Of Desmond Tutu
  • Preces And Responses
  • Psalm 23
  • Salve Regina
  • Sun Of My Soul
  • Tantum Ergo
  • There Is A River
  • A Thin Place
  • Xicochi


  • Choral

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  • NOV295031
  • 6.75"
  • 9.75"
  • 86 Pages

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