Study No. 11, Stan, For Baritone Saxophone And Prerecorded Synthe Leduc CD

Study No. 11, Stan, For Baritone Saxophone And Prerecorded Synthe Leduc CD

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  • Leduc
  • Alphonse Leduc
  • CD
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Christian Lauba
  • $58.20 (US)

“Born in Tunisia in 1952, Christian Lauba has been a prominent contemporary composer, winning many prizes since his graduation from the Conservatory of Bordeaux during the mid-1980s. Lauba is particularly noted for his compositions for the Saxophone, such as Study No. 11 for Baritone Saxophone and Prerecorded Synthesizer and Piano. Premiered in 2002, Study No. 11, ”“Stan”“ was commissioned by Pierre Choffé for the Bordeaux Opera. The work is highly virtuosic and modern, including multiphonic Saxophone sounds and other advanced technical features. The score of Study No. 11 also comes accompanied with a CD of the Prerecorded Synthesizer part. With a typical performance lasting around eight minutes, this Lauba study, nicknamed ”“Stan”“ is described as a 'study in virtuosity for well-tempered and well-quantized instruments'. For all advanced Baritone saxophonists, Study No. 11 provides an alternative, modern work, essential to a varied repertoire.”

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