Die Fledermaus Vocal Score Vocal Score

Die Fledermaus Vocal Score Vocal Score

English Only. Translated by Martin.

Song List

  • Ah, my lady says (Strauss)
  • Champagne's Delicious Bubbles
  • Come along to the ball (Strauss)
  • Drinking song (Strauss)
  • Ever since I was a baby (Strauss)
  • From time to time (Strauss)
  • Good sir, are you accusing me (Strauss)
  • How engaging (Strauss)
  • My friends, your kind attention (Strauss)
  • No, you set my doubts (Strauss)
  • Oh, Eisenstein, you mastermind (Strauss)
  • To judge his expression (Strauss)
  • To part is such sweet sorrow (Strauss)
  • Turtledove who flew aloft (Strauss)
  • Voice of my homeland (Strauss)
  • What A Joy To Be Here
  • When these lawyers don't (Strauss)


  • Piano
  • Vocal

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