Clarinet Concerto Score and Parts Woodwind

Clarinet Concerto Score and Parts Woodwind

  • Woodwind
  • Associated
  • Joan Tower
  • $35.00 (US)

Reduction for clarinet (or basset clarinet) and piano. The basset clarinet (with an extended range to low “C”) has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Many modern composers have been answering this trend by writing new music for the instrument. Joan Tower's Clarinet Concerto, while performable on the standard A clarinet, takes advantage of the basset clarinet's extended range with a few melodic excursions to notes beneath “E.” This 19-minute work was recorded on Summit Records pianist Eckhart Selheim.


  • Clarinet
  • Orchestra
  • Piano

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  • #HL 50481392
  • 9780793511624
  • 073999813920
  • 9.0"
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  • 40 Pages

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