The Second Book of Soprano Solos Part II Book Only Vocal Collection

The Second Book of Soprano Solos Part II Book Only Vocal Collection

  • Vocal Collection
  • G. Schirmer, Inc.
  • Joan Frey Boytim
  • $16.99 (US)

More great classical material for progressing vocal students, from the leading American expert in teaching the young voice. The series started with The First Book of Solos, and then, at the same difficulty level, came The First Book of Solos – Part II. The Second Book of Solos, originally released in 1993, is for singers who have taken voice a little longer and are capable of more challenges, but is still decidedly student-level material, and music that can be sung by good high school students. The new The Second Book of Solos – Part II set is at exactly the same level as The Second Book of Solos. It shares the same features: a deliberate variety of music in different styles and languages, including a few sacred selections, with over 30 songs per book. Available as books only, or in packs with two CDs of piano accompaniments recorded by Laura Ward.

Contents: Alleluja (Mozart) • Als Luise die Briefe Ihres Ungetreuen (Mozart) • Apres un Reve (Faure) • La Belle au Bois Dormant (Fourdrain) • The Bird (Duke) • Care Selve (Handel) • Chanson Norvegienne (Fourdrain) • Clavelitos (Valverde) • Crabbed age and Youth (Parry) • Domine Deus (Vivaldi) • The Fields are Full (Gibbs) • I Mourn as a Dove (Benedict) • Il Mio ben Quando Verra (Paisiello) • J'ai Pleure en Reve (Hue) • The Lord's Name is Praised (Greene) • Love is a Plaintive Song (Sullivan) • Mandoline (Faure) • Mausfallen-Spruchlein (Wolf) • Mondnacht (Schumann) • My Sweetheart and I (Beach) • Niemand Hat's Geseh'n (JKG Loewe) • Non ti Fidar (Handel) • Quel Ruscelletto (Paradies) • Le Rossignol des Lilas (Hahn) • Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well (Sullivan) • Spring (Gurney) • Standchen (Brahms) • Sure on This Shining Night (Barber) • That's Life (Sacco) • Think on These Things (Kirlin) • To ONe Who Passed Whistling Through the Night (Gibbs) • The White Peace (Bax) • Wind (Chanler)

Song List

  • Alleluja from EXSULTATE, JUBILATE (W.A. Mozart)
  • Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen (Mozart)
  • Après un reve (G. Fauré)
  • Care selve (G.F. Handel)
  • Chanson norvégienne (F. Fourdrain)
  • Clavelitos (J. Valverde)
  • Crabbed age and youth (C.H.H. Parry)
  • Domine Deus from GLORIA (A. Vivaldi)
  • I mourn as a dove from ST. PETER (J. Benedict)
  • Il mio ben quando verrà (G. Paisiello)
  • J'ai pleuré en reve (G. Hüe)
  • La belle au bois dormant (F. Fourdrain)
  • Le rossignol des lilas (R. Hahn)
  • Love Is a Plaintive Song from PATIENCE (A. Sullivan)
  • Mandoline (Fauré)
  • Mausfallen-Sprüchlein (H. Wolf)
  • Mondnacht (R. Schumann)
  • My Sweetheart and I (A. Beach)
  • Niemand hat's geseh'n (J.K.G. Loewe)
  • Non ti fidar from MUZIO SCEVOLA (G.F. Handel)
  • Quel ruscelletto (P.D. Paradies)
  • Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well from HMS PINAFORE (A. Sullivan)
  • Spring (I. Gurney)
  • Ständchen (J. Brahms)
  • Sure on this shining night (S. Barber)
  • That's Life (J.P. Sacco)
  • The Bird (J. Duke)
  • The fields are full (C.A. Gibbs)
  • The Lord's name is praised (M. Greene)
  • The White Peace (A. Bax)
  • Think on These Things (J.C. Kirlin)
  • To One Who Passed Whistling through the Night (C.A. Gibbs)
  • Wind (T. Chanler)


  • Vocal

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