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Hal Leonard Vocal Competition - 2014 Winners THE 2014 HAL LEONARD VOCAL COMPETITION WINNERS Hal Leonard, the world's largest print music publisher and the world leader in vocal music, launched the exciting and innovative concept of a serious music competition for voice students comprised entirely of YouTube video entries. We believe this to be the first legitimate music competition for musicians of various ages, children through college, to be held entirely on the Internet. The required repertoire was largely drawn from art song and musical theatre literature. The deadline for entry was February 1, 2014. Judging has been concluded, and we are pleased to announce the art song and musical theatre results in the four age categories of competition. Congratulations to the prize winners! We were encouraged by the commitment and seriousness of purpose shown in the video entries. If these are a representative sampling, there are clearly many dedicated students and teachers at all levels who have embraced our heritage of music literature. We thank all those who entered for confirming that this experimental venture was more than worthwhile. And we also thank the teachers and parents who guided the voice students in this competition. Thank you also to all the accompanists for their key participation. View the Winning Videos Choose a Previous Year 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 ART SONG WINNERS College/University Voices High School Voices Early Teen Voices Children's Voices MUSICAL THEATRE WINNERS Young Adult Voices High School Voices Early Teen Voices Children's Voices COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY VOICES, ART SONG - Undergraduates (AGES 18-23) First Place JACK SWANSON School: University of Oklahoma Pianist: Lorne Richstone Voice Teacher: Linda Esther Gray Second Place (tie) ERIC FERRING School: Drake University Pianist: Michelle Havlik-Jergens Voice Teacher: Leanne Freeman-Miller Second Place (tie) ALEXANDRA NOWAKOWSKI School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pianist: Casey Dierlam Voice Teacher: Cynthia Haymon Third Place (tie) STEPHEN MICHAEL HANNA School: Stephen F. Austin State Universityc Pianist: Geneva Fungn Voice Teacher: Scott LaGraff Third Place (tie) NATHANIEL SULLIVAN School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pianist: Kurt Knecht Voice Teacher: Alisa Belflower Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) LEE CLAPP Watch Video KAITLYN JOHNSON Watch Video JOSEPH LEPPEK Watch Video ELIZABETH SYWULKA School: Manhattan School of Music Watch Video HIGH SCHOOL VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 16-18 First Place OLIVIA COSIO Location: San Francisco, California Pianist: Ben Malkevitch Voice Teacher:Todd Wedge Second Place SARAH CLEMENTINE MIRE Location: Wolfforth, Texas Pianist: Regina Shea Voice Teacher: Rebecca Wascoe Third Place (tie) CAITLIN HALE DANIELS Location: Dallas, Texas Pianist: Szu-Ying Huang Voice Teacher: Linda DiFiore Third Place (tie) NATHAN KESSEL Location: Worcester, Massachusetts Pianist: Olga Rogach Voice Teacher: Stanley Wilson Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) HAYLEY BOGGS Watch Video NICOLE BURKE Watch Video HANNAH KILPATRICK Watch Video MONICA MUSIC Watch Video MARY GRACE NASIM Watch Video EARLY TEEN VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 13-15 First Place BENJAMIN WENZELBERG Location: Tenafly, New Jersey Pianist: Glenn Gordon Voice Teacher: Amelia DeMayo Second Place (tie) CARLY COONEY Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon Pianist: Daniel Buchanan Voice Teacher: Angela Niederloh Second Place (tie) KARLI FORTE Location: Fremont, Indiana Pianist: Jeri Mow Voice Teacher: Lynn Syler Third Place (tie) NICOLE KELLY Location: West Palm Beach, Florida Voice Teacher: Craig Wich Third Place (tie) CAITLYN McCONNELL Location: Silverdale, Washington Pianist: Cassie Gillis Voice Teacher: Susan Trainer Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) MARY ELIZABETH ADLER Watch Video MADISON BEASLEY Watch Video NATALIE DULLERUD Watch Video MADISON FITZPATRICK Watch Video SALONI RAO Watch Video CHILDREN'S VOICES, ART SONG - AGES 12 AND UNDER First Place MADELIN MORALES Location: Fairfield, New Jersey Pianist: Michael Fennelly Voice Teacher: Jeanai LaVita Second Place (tie) EMMA BROOKE ALLEY Location: Lyman, South Carolina Pianist: Valerie MacPhail Voice Teacher: Valerie MacPhail Second Place (tie) SHERIDAN ARCHBOLD Location: Yorkville, Illinois Voice Teacher: Rachel Olson Third Place (tie) LEXI LANNI Location: Bristol, Rhode Island Pianist: Madeline Grace Voice Teacher: Elizabeth Grace Third Place (tie) LAUREN MAGEE Location: Fort Worth, Texas Voice Teacher: Pamela Riley Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) ALIYAH DOUGLAS Watch Video AGNE GIEDRAITYTE Watch Video OLYMPIA HATZILAMBROU Watch Video YOUNG ADULT VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - Undergraduates (AGES 18-23) First Place MICHAEL HEWITT School: University of Denver Lamont School of Music Pianist: Joshua Sawicki Voice Teacher: Kenneth Cox Second Place (tie) BRITTANY HOWK School: Arizona State University Pianist: Curtis Moeller Voice Teacher: Carole FitzPatrick Second Place (tie) YAZID PIERCE-GRAY School: DePauw University Pianist: Amanda Hopson Voice Teacher: Caroline B. Smith Third Place (tie) JOEL BAUMAN School: Messiah College Pianist: Daniel Dorty Voice Teacher: Elaine Henderson Third Place (tie) ANGELA GILBERT School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pianist: Kurt Knecht Voice Teacher: Alisa Belflower Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) LEE CLAPP Watch Video CAITLIN SECREST Watch Video CECILIA SNOW Watch Video HIGH SCHOOL VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 16-18 First Place BENJAMIN WALKER Location: Wilmington, Delaware Pianist: Lisa Papili Voice Teacher: Marian Johnson-Healy Second Place (tie) JILLIAN CAILLOUETTE Location: Meriden, Connecticut Pianist: Sean Pallatroni Voice Teacher: Stacy Perrone Petta Second Place (tie) EMILY CIPRIANI Location: Westerville, Ohio Pianist: Stephanie Henkle Voice Teacher: Stephanie Henkle Third Place (tie) JULIA QUANDT Location: Seattle, Washington Pianist: Serena Chin Voice Teacher: Madeline Bersamina Third Place (tie) LILY LORD Location: Falls Church, Virginia Pianist: Ed Roberts Voice Teacher: Muriel VonVillas Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) MICHELLE ANNE BAILEY Watch Video CASSIDY GALLOWAY Watch Video DEVON HAYAKAWA Watch Video HANNAH KILPATRICK Location: Wading River, New York Watch Video LINDSAY ROLLAND-MILLS Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Watch Video EARLY TEEN VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 13-15 First Place ALISON POGORELC Location: Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Pianist: Diane Kachelmeier Voice Teacher: Helen Ceci Second Place EMMA LEE Location: Bolingbrook, Illinois Voice Teacher: Greg Lee Third Place (tie) EMMA JOANIS Location: Windham, New Hampshire Pianist: Glenn Gordon Voice Teacher: Amelia DeMayo Group Third Place (tie) SARAH LAWLER Location: Barrington, New Jersey Pianist: Melissa Daniels Voice Teacher: Melissa Daniels Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) MELINDA ORENGO Watch Video JESSICA VANEK Watch Video CHILDREN'S VOICES, MUSICAL THEATRE - AGES 12 AND UNDER First Place OLIVIA LOMBARDI Location: Rye Brook, New York Voice Teacher: Amelia DeMayo Second Place (tie) MADELIN MORALES Location: Fairfield, New Jersey Pianist: Michael Fennelly Voice Teacher: Jeanai LaVita Second Place (tie) ADRIANA SERRA Location: Mississauga, Ontario Voice Teacher: Kinga Mitrowska & Jeanai LaVita Third Place (tie) CORMAC CULLINANE Location: Fresh Meadows, New York Pianist: Gulnara Mitzanova Voice Teacher: Amelia DeMayo Third Place (tie) AKIRA GOLZ Location: Hopewell Junction, New York Voice Teacher: Amelia DeMayo Honorable Mention (listed alphabetically) CODY KONOP Watch Video ELIZABETH O'BRYANT Watch Video ALEXA REEVES Watch Video McKENNA SHAW Watch Video NICOLE WILDY Watch Video JOYCE ZHENG Watch Video Back To Top