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Elf The Musical Jr. - Broadway Junior Menu LEARN MORE About Broadway Junior What Comes With the Showkit™? How to License a Broadway Junior Musical Order an Audio Sampler Frequently Asked Questions 60-Min.ute Musicals [JR.] 60-Minute Musicals Aladdin Jr. (Disney) Alice in Wonderland Jr. (Disney) Annie Jr. Beauty and the Beast Jr. (Disney) Bugsy Malone Jr. Children Of Eden Jr. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. Dear Edwina Jr. Doctor Dolittle Jr. Elf The Musical Jr. Fame Jr. Fiddler on the Roof Jr. Finian's Rainbow Jr. Flat Stanley Jr. Frozen Jr. (Disney) A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens Jr. (Magic Tree House) Godspell Jr. Guys and Dolls Jr. Hairspray Jr. High School Musical Jr. (Disney) High School Musical 2 Jr. (Disney) Honk! Jr. Into the Woods Jr. James and the Giant Peach Jr. (Roald Dahl) Junie B. 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Jr. Seussical Jr. Shrek Jr. Singin' In The Rain Jr. Sister Act Jr. Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. Willy Wonka Jr. (Roald Dahl) Xanadu Jr. 30-Min.ute Musicals [KIDS] 30-Minute Musicals 101 Dalmatians KIDS (Disney) Aladdin KIDS (Disney) Annie KIDS Aristocats KIDS (Disney) Dinosaurs Before Dark KIDS (Magic Tree House) Frozen KIDS (Disney) The Jungle Book KIDS (Disney) The Knight at Dawn KIDS (Magic Tree House) The Lion King KIDS (Disney) The Music Man KIDS Pirates Past Noon KIDS (Magic Tree House) Seussical KIDS Willy Wonka KIDS (Roald Dahl) Winnie the Pooh KIDS (Disney) A Year with Frog and Toad KIDS Product Information Musical Numbers Cast of Characters Credits Book by Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin Music by Matthew Sklar Lyrics by Chad Beguelin Based on the New Line Cinema film written by David Berenbaum Overview / Synopsis A title known the world over, Elf The Musical JR. is a must-produce holiday musical that can easily become an annual tradition for any theatre. Based on the cherished 2003 New Line Cinema hit, Elf JR. features songs by TONY Award nominees Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin (Disney's Aladdin On Broadway, The Wedding Singer), with a book by TONY Award winners Thomas Meehan (Annie, The Producers, Hairspray) and Bob Martin (The Drowsy Chaperone). Buddy, a young orphan mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. The would-be elf is raised unaware that he is actually a human, until his enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa's permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh reality that his father is on the naughty list, and his stepbrother doesn't even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas. This modern day holiday classic is sure to make everyone young performer embrace their inner elf. After all, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Audio Sampler - HL00147944 $10.00 ShowKit - HL00147934 $695.00 This ShowKit includes: Production Guide Director's Guide P/V Vocal Score 30 Actor's Scripts 2 Rehearsal CDs 2 Accompaniment CDs Media Disc Choreographic DVD Cross-curricular Guide 30 Family Matters Booklets 60-Minute JR. Request Individual Components 00147935 - Director's Guide $100.00 00147936 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00 00147937 - Actor's Script $10.00 00147938 - Actor's Script 10-pak $75.00 00147939 - Performance/Accompaniment CD pack $75.00 00147940 - Student Rehearsal CD $10.00 00147941 - Student Rehearsal CD 20-pak $100.00 00147942 - Choreography DVD $50.00 00147943 - Media Disc $10.00 00147944 - Audio Sampler $10.00 Hear A Sample SCENE 1 Happy All the Time [Santa, Elves, Buddy] SCENE 1/2 World's Greatest Dad [Buddy, New Yorkers] SCENE 4 Sparklejollytwinklejingley [Buddy, Macy's Employees, Manager, Jovie] SCENE 5 I'll Believe in You [Michael, Emily] SCENE 7 A Christmas Song [Buddy, Jovie, Crowd] SCENE 8 World's Greatest Dad (Reprise) [Buddy, Carolers] SCENE 9 Never Fall in Love (with an Elf) [Jovie] SCENE 10 There Is a Santa Claus [Michael, Emily, New Yorkers] SCENE 11 The Story of Buddy [Buddy, Michael, Emily, Mr. Greenway, Deb, Matthews, Chadwick, Sam, Sarah, Walter] SCENE 13 A Christmas Song (Reprise) [Entire Cast] Sparklejollytwinklejingley (Reprise) [Entire Cast] Santa Claus Santa Claus has a lot on his plate during the Christmas season, and it is starting to show. He is annoyed with the Elves, tired of lying to Buddy and sad that people seem to be losing their Christmas spirit. He is still the same jolly old St. Nick underneath it all, but the job is getting to him. This is a great role for a character performer who can play an older (and somewhat cranky) man while trying hard to keep his holiday spirit. Vocal Range: Bb3 - D5 Buddy Buddy is the perfect elf! He's good-natured, he means well, and he's happy... all the time. There's only one problem. He's not an elf - he's an adult human. This role is perfect for a young man who is an excellent actor and good singer who has the energetic earnestness and comedic timing that Buddy needs. It's helpful to cast an actor who is taller than the other Elves. This will help differentiate Buddy and adds to the humor of the show. Vocal Range: B3 - G5 Elves The Elves are Santa's special helpers who love their job making toys to meet their Christmas Eve deadline. These roles are great for younger performers, or for those who can embody a youthful spirit, enjoy singing and work well together as a group. Vocal Ranges: Solo Elf 1: F#4 - C5, Solo Elf 2: G4 - Bb5 Charlie Charlie is in charge of monitoring the other Elves, making sure every present is wrapped and every bow is tied. Cast a young performer with a good speaking voice, someone who is comfortable taking command of the stage and has authority over the rest of the Elves, but always remains friendly. Vocal Range: Speaking role Shawanda Shawanda is a dependable and caring elf. She will do whatever she can to help out others, including Buddy, even though she accidentally reveals that he is a human. Cast a good actress with a clear speaking voice for this very important moment in the story. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Sam Sam is one of Walter's Office Staff who is in a bind at the top of the show. A young performer with a good speaking voice and strong character choices will do the trick. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Walter Hobbs Walter Hobbs, Buddy's real father, is so focused on keeping his job that he is not making time for his family. He can be stern and unemotional at times, but ultimately he learns to recommit to his family. Cast a great actor with a strong, authoritative presence, but be sure they can also show his softer side. Vocal Range: B3 - E5 Deb Deb, Walter's secretary, has the big responsibility of keeping her boss and the whole office happy. She does this by sharing her positive attitude with everyone. This is a plum role for a young woman with a pleasant demeanor, yet efficient work ethic, who is a solid actor with a good speaking voice. Emily Hobbs Emily Hobbs is Walter's devoted wife who would prefer her husband to spend a little more time at home. She is a problem solver and an excellent mother who is doing everything she can to provide a positive family dynamic. Cast an excellent actress and singer who effortlessly conveys a sense of maturity and warmth. Vocal Range: G3 - D5 Michael Hobbs Michael Hobbs is the smarter-than-average 12-year-old son of Walter and Emily. He quickly befriends his new adult brother, Buddy, and does everything he can to make sure Buddy becomes a permanent part of the family. Look for a solid young actor and singer with an unchanged voice. Vocal Range: G3 - D5 Security Guard 1 and 2 Security Guard 1 and 2 are a stern duo from Walter's office, making sure everyone who enters has permission. Cast a duo that works well together and fits the bill for a tough pair. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Saleswoman The saleswoman is the first person to greet Buddy as he enters Macy's. She's the consummate sales person: smiling, overfriendly, and always trying to sell something. This is a great ensemble role for a young woman with little stage experience. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Manager The Manager is a terrific featured acting role for a performer with good comedic timing. As the manager of Macy's, he's doing everything he can to make sure all the employees stay in line. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Jovie Jovie works as a store elf at Macy's, but don't be mistaken - she doesn't quite exude the Christmas spirit. She's kind of cynical, a bit tough around the edges, and now the target of Buddy's complete adoration. This is a fantastic role for a young woman with a strong singing voice and acting chops. Vocal Range: G3 - Db5 Santa's Helper Santa's Helper works as a Macy's Employee and announces when each kid gets to visit with Santa. This is a good ensemble role for a performer with a loud voice. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Fake Santa Fake Santa is a poor replacement for the real Santa. He's an employee of Macy's who is a bit rough around the edges. Fake Santa should be played by a performer who is unafraid of being a little over-the-top and has good physical control of his body. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Policeman 1 and 2 Policeman 1 and 2 are a friendly pair of cops who return Buddy to the Hobbs household. These are perfect featured roles for two ensemble members. Vocal Range: Speaking Roles Sarah Sarah is a staff member at Walter's office. This is a nice role for a less experienced actor with a good singing voice. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Mr. Greenway Mr. Greenway is one of the crankiest businessmen around. He is the big boss, so look for an older student with a commanding presence to tackle this acting role. Vocal Range: Speaking Role Chadwick and Matthews Chadwick and Matthews are staff members at Walter's office who are doing everything they can think of to save the day and make their boss happy. Cast a pair of good character actors who work well with each other and are able to drive the action of scenes. Vocal Range: Speaking Roles Charlotte Dennon Charlotte Dennon is a TV reporter with a big personality. She does her best to keep her professional persona in public and doesn't like being shown up. This is a great role for a young woman with professional charisma and someone who can make strong acting choices. Vocal Range: A3 to A4 Finale Soloists 1, 2, 3, and 4 Finale Soloists 1,2,3 and 4 are good roles to highlight four of your strong solos singers. Vocal Ranges: Solo 1: D4 - B4, Solo 2: D4 - B4, Solo 3: D4 - F#4, Solo 4: B3 - G#4 Darlene Lambert and Emma Van Brocklin Darlene Lambert and Emma Van Brocklin are on the scene in Central Park and are convinced of Santa's magic after Buddy reveals their past Christmas gifts. Look for two young ladies with nice singing voices and some acting experience to take on these small, but featured, roles. Ensemble New Yorkers, Comforting New Yorker, Macy's Employees, Macy's Employee 1, Member of the Rockefeller Crowd, Office Staff, Business Woman, Flyer guys, Teenager, Jogger, Carolers, Passerby, Children and Parents are all important roles for creating the distinct worlds of the North Pole and New York City. These roles can all be double cast from your ensemble, and it's important to remind your young performers that the stronger and more specific their character choices, the richer and more vivid the story becomes. Vocal Range: Comforting New Yorker: F4 - C5
About Us CORPORATE HISTORY AND PROFILE In the late 1930s in Winona, Minnesota, the late Harold "Hal" Edstrom, his brother Everett "Leonard" Edstrom and their friend Roger Busdicker had formed a very popular dance band. Concerned that their conservative father wouldn't approve of using the family name for a band, Harold and Ev took parts of their names and called the band Hal Leonard. As leader of the Hal Leonard Band, Ev eventually became known as "Hal Leonard." The company Hal Leonard was founded in 1947, after the Hal Leonard Band broke up. At the time, Ev started a music store using the Hal Leonard name while Roger and Harold were both directing award-winning high school bands in Winona. In those days, most school bands played serious literature, but Harold and Roger had the unique ability (because of their professional experience) to arrange "popular" music for school bands. Soon band directors across the US wanted their arrangements. They started to mimeograph copies and sell them. They realized that to successfully (and legally!) launch a new publishing company, they needed to license songs, so they ventured to New York's Tin Pan Alley in search of copyrights. What they got on their trip was an education in publishing and the rights to "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," one of the most popular songs of the day. Eventually, many music publishers in New York were licensing Hal Leonard to do school band arrangements of their songs. Thus began their publishing business and an entirely new industry. The company grew and soon choral arrangements and a wider variety of band arrangements were added to their catalog of publications. In the early 1950s, the home organ industry began to grow rapidly That is when Hal Leonard published The Pointer System for organ, which eventually became the best-selling organ instruction method ever created. That method soon led to the first organ "benchpack," which featured instruction books and songbooks packaged in the bench of an organ. In the late 1950s, The Pointer Systems for Guitar and Piano were produced, introducing millions of beginners to instant playing success. In the mid-1960s, Hal Leonard began marketing band and choral music to educators by sending recordings of arrangements through the mail. This unique promotion is now used by virtually every print music publisher in the industry. In 1970, Keith Mardak and associates started a new division of Hal Leonard called Learning Unlimited, to create the first book/audio music instructional products. This division soon outgrew the company, and Mardak became general manager for the entire company. Shortly afterward, the Hal Leonard Guitar Method was launched, becoming one of the first methods to incorporate popular music. Today, this method is the leading guitar method in the world, having taught millions how to play guitar. Hal Leonard continued to grow throughout the 1970s, and in 1980 made the giant leap into popular music print publishing when it established a unique and very close relationship with Chappell Music, the world's largest music publisher. Shortly thereafter, Hal Leonard increased its presence in virtually every music print market around the world. As a result, facilities in both Milwaukee and Winona were expanded to accommodate corporate growth. In 1985, Hal Leonard was purchased from the original founders by an internal management team led by Keith Mardak, who then became president. Since then, it has experienced consistent, dramatic growth due to creative, innovative and aggressive publishing and marketing. Today, Hal Leonard is the world's largest educational music publisher, with the #1 methods for learning guitar (the Hal Leonard Guitar Method), piano (the Faber Piano Method), and school music instruments (Essential Elements for Band and Strings), plus publications for learning virtually every instrument imaginable. Hal Leonard is also the leading publisher of songbooks; Real Books and fake books; sheet music; band, orchestra and choral arrangements for schools; music reference publications; children's music products; educational magazines; and more. Many new titles are enhanced with supplemental audio and video files online for download and streaming. The company leads the way in technology, developing eBooks, digital sheet music, apps and more. Hal Leonard operates many popular websites including SheetMusicDirect with thousands of songs arranged for different instruments available for download, and GuitarInstructor.com for online guitar lessons and tab. In 2014, Hal Leonard made a substantial investment in Noteflight, LLC, an innovative music technology company dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share and use digital sheet music. This online community allows users to edit, display, play back and share music notation in a cloud-based web browser, on any device. Noteflight has an active subscriber base of nearly 3 million music enthusiasts and educators. In its catalog of more than 1 million available titles, Hal Leonard represents many of the world's best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters, arrangers and musical instrument manufacturers. Its products are sold in more than 65 countries throughout the world through Hal Leonard offices and a large network of distributors. Domestically, the company markets to more than 7,500 music stores in the United States and Canada through a team of 50 in-house sales representatives. Hal Leonard operates out of two main facilities — its corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a state-of-the-art administration, production and distribution facility in Winona, Minnesota. The company also has domestic offices in Boston, Austin, and San Francisco, and offices abroad in Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom in London and Bury St. Edmunds. Chairman Keith Mardak, CEO Larry Morton, and the more than 800 talented Hal Leonard employees around the world remain dedicated to providing the very best in music products and services. A summary of Hal Leonard corporate history from the Milwaukee Public Television interview with CEO Keith Mardak for their show "I Remember Milwaukee."