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Life of an Editor: Working on Gershwin’s Three Preludes

Every once in a while I get to work on a project that’s really exciting, and the recently released new edition of George Gershwin’s Three Preludes, which I co-edited with Richard Walters, sits definitively in that camp. I’ve always loved the music of Gershwin, and any new edition of a piece means some heavy-lifting editorial […]

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One-Hit Wonders of Piano Music

Once this idea popped into my head, I found I had a harder time than I expected. The majority of classical “one-hit wonders” (or Oneders, to nod to the image I chose) seem to be in the orchestral realm. Luckily, we pianists have a few of “those” pieces that we can match to a composer […]

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Life of an Editor: Thoughts on MTNA, Part 2

So here’s my report on MTNA 2019. Some of the sentiments I expressed in my last post were true once again, and the utopian nature of the conference reached some new highs. A lot of this had to do with the gorgeous Fazioli concert grand piano in a booth right next to Hal Leonard, which […]

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