Schirmer Library of Classics Series


The great New York music publishing house of G. Schirmer began Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics in 1892. The overall vision was to create an American edition of the masterworks, published with the needs of American musicians in mind, rather than a continued reliance on imported European editions. What a vision the Library was! The most interesting and qualified editing talent of the day was highly sought for the series. Many engaged editors had personal connections to the master composers or their students. By 1903 there were 500 volumes; by 1914, Volume 1000 hit the presses; and by 1926 1500 volumes had been released. It was an amazing accomplishment, never surpassed in American music publishing. Millions of musicians worldwide have played from the Library for over 125 years. The Hal Leonard relationship with the Schirmer Library began in 1986. Since then we are proud to continue publishing new volumes of this vital American treasure. Schirmer Library editions continue to offer:

• Value - editions are competitively priced

• Teacher Familiarity - as the most-used editions, teachers know Library editions extremely well

• Tradition - can millions of musicians over 125 years be wrong?


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