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Essential Elements Interactive - The Powerful Cloud-Based Companion to the Essential Elements Method Books

EEi is an easy set of technology tools for online learning, teaching, assessment, and communication… ideal for teaching today’s band and strings students both in the classroom and at home - it is INCLUDED with the purchase of an Essential Elements Method Book.


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Essential Elements Interactive offers the following powerful tools:

Essential Elements - Music Studio: Play, Record, Have Fun!

The EEi Music Studio makes learning to play more effective and more fun… in class or at home!

Features Include:

  • Professional Soloists demonstrating each exercise in the book
  • Multiple Accompaniment Styles for each exercise, performed by professional musicians
  • Recording Feature to share music with teachers, friends, and relatives
  • Tempo Control for more effective learning and practice
  • EEi Practice Tools including built-in metronome, tuner, and fingering charts
  • Easy-to-use Interface to make playing, recording, and sharing simple and fun


Students can now record and share videos right in the EEi Music Studio. This allows teachers to provide more detailed feedback.

Video Assignments Features:

  • Video Recording in Music Studio to make a video directly from the music studio with EE Music on screen
  • Video in All-Music allows students to make recordings of any music being performed in class
  • Save to the Cloud means that videos are processed and stored in the cloud for easy use on the internet
  • Submit to Teacher so teachers can assess students performance with more information
  • Easy-to-use Interface to make playing, recording, and sharing simple and fun
  • Download Videos to share with friends and family

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Essential Elements - Resources: Share, Watch, Learn!

The EEi Resources Section provides a number of resources that will grow on a regular basis, allowing the website to constantly evolve to meet the needs of students and teachers.

EEi Resources include:

  • New HD Videos with extensive pedagogical lessons
  • Individual Studies for all instruments
  • Music Theory lessons and worksheets
  • Instrument Training Worksheets
  • Additional Music including songs, duets, and trios

Customizable Curriculum

Teachers can also upload, share, and archive their own materials to further customize and organize their online classroom.

Essential Elements - Assignments: Teach, Guide, Connect!

EEi Assignments allows teachers to guide students better in their home practice.

Features include:

  • Online Assignments to help students prepare for class
  • Recording Assignments for teacher feedback
  • All-Music Studio for students to record any music
  • Teacher Gradebook for quick access to student recordings
  • Self-Assessments to help student further improve their musical knowledge and playing ability
  • Practice Records to help students and teachers plan home practice while keeping parents informed of practice goals and progress

With EEi Assignments, teachers can provide more guidance for students in their home practice and empower them to become better students and musicians.

Essential Elements - Calendar & Communication

Connecting with students and parents has never been easier.

Features include:

  • Customizable Calendars with flexible group sharing, event details, and instant updates
  • Flexible Communication Tools that provide a variety of ways to communicate with students and parents
  • E-mail to Text Conversion to reach students and parents quickly

Works on the following platforms:

Available for Windows, Apple, Chrome and Android


Included with:


Band and Strings Books 1, 2 & 3

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