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The Ultimate Online Music Education Resource

A new online resource center that helps music teachers better connect with students and parents... anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Hosted by Charms Office, EEi introduces the first-ever, easy set of technology tools for online teaching, learning, assessment, and communication... ideal for teaching today's beginning band and string students, both in the classroom and at home.

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Connecting Everyone Music Studio Resources Assignments, Calendar & Communication Getting Started with EEi

How much does EEi cost?
It's FREE for eligible Essential Elements Book 1 and 2 Band and Strings users.

EEi Teachers
EEi provides teachers with their own individualized secure website where they can extend their Essential Elements teaching beyond the classroom. With EEi, teachers will have access to an ever-growing set of resources and the ability to easily connect with students and parents in a variety of ways.

EEi Students
Each EEi student will have their own personal practice site, encouraging them to have fun playing their instruments in class and at home. Through EEi, teachers can guide students' home practice in a variety of helpful ways. Essential Elements learning becomes much more exciting and fun for students in EEi.

EEi Parents
With EEi, parents can stay informed about band events and classroom assignments, and learn right along with their child. Parents can see and hear their child's progress to better understand the goals and benefits of their music classroom.

Music Studio

EEi makes learning more effective and fun... in class or at home!

Features Include

  • Professional Soloists demonstrating each exercise in the book
  • Multiple Accompaniment Styles for each exercise, performed by professional musicians
  • Recording Feature to share music with teachers, friends, and relatives
  • Tempo Control for more effective learning and practice
  • EEi Practice Tools including built-in metronome, tuner, and fingering charts
  • Easy-to-use Interface to make playing, recording, and sharing simple and fun


EEi provides a number of resources that will grow on a regular basis, allowing the website to constantly evolve to meet the needs of students and teachers.

EEi Resources include:

  • New HD Videos with extensive pedagogical lessons
  • Individual Studies for all instruments
  • Music Theory lessons and worksheets
  • Instrument Training Worksheets
  • Additional Music including songs, duets, and trios

Teachers can also upload, share, and archive their own materials to further customize and organize their online classroom.

Assignments, Calendar, and Communication

Connecting with students and parents has never been easier.

Features include:

  • Online Assignments to help students prepare for class more effectively
  • Practice Records to help students and teachers plan home practice while keeping parents informed of practice goals and progress
  • Shared Resources to help students practice and to inspire them to love music
  • Customizable Calendars with flexible group sharing, event details, and instant updates
  • Flexible Communication Tools that provide a variety of ways to communicate with students and parents
  • E-mail to Text Conversion to reach students and parents quickly
  1. Teachers must own an Essential Elements Book 1* Band Conductor Book and/or Strings Teacher Manual.
  2. Each student must have their own copy of an Essential Elements Book 1* student book for their instrument.
  3. Teachers create an EEi account using an activation code.
    Two ways to attain an activation code:
    1. Recently purchased Essential Elements Book 1 Conductor Books/Teacher Manuals may have an EEi activation code printed in the back.
    2. If a purchased teacher book does not have a code, a teacher can request an activation code through the Essential Elements Interactive Website.
  4. Teachers enter/import student records.
    (Parent information is required to fully utilize communication section.)
  5. Students and parents activate accounts using a student ID# and EEi school code.

* Essential Elements 2000 books are fully compatible with EEi as well.