Berklee Practice Method: Viola Berklee Methods Softcover with CD

Berklee Practice Method: Viola Berklee Methods Softcover with CD

  • Berklee Methods
  • Berklee Press
  • Softcover with CD
  • Matt Glaser, Mimi Rabson

Available for more than a dozen instruments, these coordinated method books teach how to play in a rock band. Learn what all the great musicians seem to know intuitively – how to listen, interact and respond, improvise, and become part of the groove. The book and play-along CD will help improve your timing, technique, and reading ability to become the great player that everyone wants to have in their band! Topics in the Viola book include: warming up, practice routines, learning by ear, theory & technique, rhythmic interpretation, reading, improvisation, interpreting lead sheets, and more. The accompanying CD features Berklee players and covers a wide variety of styles.


  • Viola

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  • “Teachers are invaluable, practicing by yourself is critical, but performing in a band is the most valuable experience of all. That's what is so special about this series: it gives you the theory you need, but also prepares you to play in a band. This series will help you master the skills you need to become a creative, expressive, and supportive musician that anyone would want to have in their band.” – Gary Burton, Executive Vice President, Berklee College of Music, Grammy®-award-winning jazz vibraphonist
  • “True to the tradition of Berklee College of Music to thoroughly train students to be professional musicians, this method is a great workout. It is an excellent practice book covering many styles.” – Carol Kaye, bass recording legend, educator at the Henry Mancini Institute-UCLA
  • “The Berklee Practice Method is an effective and impressive combination of music and methodology for beginning-level players, emphasizing the practical aspects of Berklee's approach. This book expands the student's understanding of music theory, improves instrumental skills, and develops an ability to perform and improvise. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a career in contemporary music.” – Hal Crook, jazz trombonist
  • “I am sure that students working with the Berklee Practice Method will find their proficiency increasing dramatically.” – Phil Wilson, jazz performer/composer/arranger
  • “What a great idea – a basic book for all the instruments that form a combo. This offers students an opportunity to play together and develop a sense of teamwork, while at the same time, learning technical details about their instruments. I feel it is very correct to insist in training the ear, the ability to compose, and especially to read music. I am pleased how this method combines technical aspects, such as the use of articulation, with concepts that are purely artistic, whether playing as part of the rhythm section or as a soloist.” – Paquito D'Rivera, three-time Grammy®-award-winning saxophonist/clarinetist/composer

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