BT-500 Digit Bluetooth Handheld Remote Control

BT-500 Digit Bluetooth Handheld Remote Control

Series: AirTurn Manufacturer: AirTurn Format: General Merchandise

AirTurn Digit BT-500 is a Bluetooth® enabled handheld remote control. The remote control is suitable for tablets, smartphones or PCs with Bluetooth® 5 support. Through the AirTurn Manager app, the remote control can be individually programmed. The Digit BT-500 is compatible with numerous apps and can be ideally used for present or teleprompts. Can also be used for taking selfies or videos.

The remote control is very compact and can be operated by hand. Thanks to Bluetooth® 5 technology, the remote control is very responsive and has an improved running time with a higher range than its predecessors. The remote control is loaded with the supplied USB-C cable. After a full charge, there is one useful life of over 200 hours available.

In addition to a power and mode button, five control buttons are available. There are also two on the upper side stereo connections. In combination with the two adapters supplied, up to four pedals can be connected.

$69.00 (US) Inventory #HL 01148482 UPC: 682157956333 Manufacturer Code: BT-500 Width: 3.0" Length: 6.0"

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