DB25-XLRM Digisnake 12'

DB25-XLRM Digisnake 12'

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Series: Pro Tools HD Manufacturer: Avid Format: General Merchandise

DigiSnakes make connecting your gear a quick and easy process, freeing you to spend your valuable time on your audio projects rather than the wires they travel across. Avid offers an array of quality cabling options to ensure the reliable passage of audio signals as they travel between the I/O components of your Pro Tools system. Uniquely designed for Avid gear, DigiSnakes are custom colored and labeled, and feature a lifetime warranty, making for consistent and organized patching solutions.

DigiSnakes include all the various audio snakes providing connections between your studio and Avid's control surfaces, I/O's and interfaces. All DigiSnakes are designed with 110 ohm digital grade cable, allowing them to accommodate either digital or analog signals. This 12-foot DigiSnake features a DB-25 connector at one end and eight XLR-Male connectors at the other to handle analog or digital audio outputs. Matching red jackets on both ends with appropriate labeling help you make correct connections.

$139.00 (US) Inventory #HL 00119315 UPC: 884088911171 Manufacturer Code: 9940-29648-00 Width: 10.5" Length: 10.25"

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