The Taylor Guitar Book 40 Years of Great American Flattops Book Softcover

The Taylor Guitar Book 40 Years of Great American Flattops Book Softcover

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Growing from a small custom shop in the early 1970s to the only new brand to have challenged the traditional Big Three of American acoustic guitars (Gibson, Guild, and Martin), Taylor has effectively changed the marketplace for acoustic steel-string guitars and influenced every other maker of acoustic stringed instruments.

But Taylor's influence in the guitar market goes far beyond the guitars themselves. Having pioneered the use of modern building techniques – such as utilizing CNC machines, UV-finishing, etc. – the company has been an undisputed leader when it comes to innovation. Taylor's latest efforts are concentrated on wood conservation, and again, the company is setting the example that the industry is following.

The Taylor Guitar Book combines a historical story line with useful hands-on information about model changes over the years – to help readers learn how to identify and date a Taylor – and features shop and factory photos (both historical and current) as well as full-color images of guitars.

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  • “Neil Young, Jason Mraz, Damon Albarn, Zac Brown and Dave Matthews are among the many musicians who play Taylor guitars. Now the story of Taylor Guitars (based in San Diego, CA) is revealed via the wonderful Teja Gerken-penned The Taylor Guitar Book. Founded in 1974 (long after companies such as Gibson, Fender, Guild, Martin and Rickenbacker had seemingly cornered the market), Taylor has grown to be among the leaders of the industry while attracting the loyalty of guitarists around the globe. This colorfully-illustrated 160-page book will appeal to both casual and hardcore fans of Taylor-made acoustic and electric instruments.” – Music News Nashville
  • “For the Taylor Guitar enthusiast The Taylor Guitar Book will provide the history behind the guitars they play and cherish. Teja Gerken's extensive knowledge of Taylor instruments, history and culture have created a profound book.” – Maverick

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